Monday, November 5, 2007

Costumes and Candy

I'm a few days late posting the pics and video, but here you go!

We have.....Colin the Lion.....Cameron the Turtle (Franklin, to be exact)....and Ethan the Skunk. The skunk costume was a gift to Colin from Grandma Lynette when he was a baby, and has been worn by all three boys. I have seen some cute costumes before, but this is one of my all time favorites!

The video is of the boys as they are just getting their costumes on and getting ready for their big adventure!

The pics are from the entire evening, from getting ready, to leaving the house and loading up the stroller to walk our street, actual candy retrieval (and we got an entire bag FULL, from just our street alone!) and then in the car on the way to a pizza restaraunt, and then at Pizza Inn, having dinner to celebrate Colin's actual birthday.

Some highlights from the evening:
**Ethan, doing anything in his skunk costume
**Cameron, excited to go to every house to get candy and then crying after leaving every house because he didn't understand why he couldn't eat the candy right now
**Colin, roaring every 2 minutes and then grinning from ear to ear
**Hearing, "Are all those your boys? (like there were 10 of them or something) They're so cute!" like, 25 times!


Unknown said...

hey dev, excited to see the video and pics but nothing is coming up???

Unknown said...

ok. saw it and loved it !!!! so much fun! I think the outfits entertain the parents more than kids!!!

Audrea said...

That was so cute! I LOVE the skunk costume! I kept wanting to get a costume for baby Will this year but kept saying, "Who's going to see it when he's in the stroller under blankets all night?!" Oh the joys of cold Minnesota Halloween nights: "Hurry, hurry I'm freezing!" They yell as they run back to the car to DRIVE between houses (It can be far between lit porches). Then the collective, "Aaaaah" as their faces thaw! It even gets to the point where one stays in and yells, "Get some for me!" (That's why we decided to go to an INdoor party this year!)

Stephanie said...

Adorable. We love Franklin here and I've never seen a costume for him (especially as cute as that)
Good to see you Sunday!

The Boe's ~ said...

Too cute!!! I must say that everytime I see Ethan he is on Colin's lap--same thing here, Jaden is always on Jordans lap! Gotta love our middle boys the 2 year olds who WANT to have them to sit on their laps, but I'm sure like Jared, once he's done with it and moving on to another thing he totally forgets Jaden is even on his! :) Also, what a sweet anniversary gift from Shane. Happy 7 years. It was our 7th year this June also! Great number :)