Friday, November 16, 2007

Today, we went to Sears to get some family portraits done.

I was soooooo excited.

My excitement quickly turned to dismay. Anyone ever experience trying to capture three boys' attention long enough to snap even ONE good picture? I am not even asking for smiles.....but by the end of the session, just for the boys merely to be looking in the general direction of the camera all at the same time would have made me happy. didn't happen.

Out of the probably 25 shots the lady took (it didn't help that we had a photographer who was NOT at all good with children--we were sooooooo irritated by the time it was over, let me just say) we had one good one.

And none of the boys were looking at the camera. It was one of those posed ones, where they are looking away on purpose. And it turned out very cute, but it just was not what I had gone there expecting to get.

You know, you go through all that trouble of getting the right outfits picked out, and getting everyone packed up and to the studio on time, and through the whole session....just to see that the proofs on that little computer are nothing at all what you had hoped for.


So, sitting at lunch, sulking together over the debacle we had just been through, Shane and I decided to make the best of it--we were going to go outside, and just snap some candid shots of the boys. (And, if I had my way--maybe get ONE of them looking in the general direction of the camera.)
I would say that we were decently pleased with our results.

Colin and Cameron loving being up in the tree--Ethan hating it
It got dangerous for just a moment here, but we quickly grabbed the stick
The boys decided to play a fun game of dumping leaves on each other--Ethan bore the brunt of it!
Throwing leaves at each other was fun for quite awhile

My favorite shot of the day--Ethan looks a little traumatized, but other than that, I thought it was a pretty good one! I ended up getting a good shot afterall!


Unknown said...

so maybe this is a nice prep for seeing how it might be to get a shot of all the grandkids??? maybe we should just put their individual pics together off the computer instead? works for me!!!

Devin said...

Aim--that's hilarious! I would definitely be up for that! :-)

Karie said...

You did a really good job getting those pic's. I hate going in and being disappointed too, that is why we have given up on the studios, and for their prices too.