Saturday, December 29, 2007

Days of Festivities, part two

Christmas morning, we got ready....and opened presents!!

The family

Cameron got a new veggie video!

Colin did too!

Ethan, dancing to the newest veggie tale video!!

Ethan, eating the mistletoe (don't worry, it was fake)

Colin, less than thrilled about opening socks--until he realized that there was super cool AIRPLANES on them!!

Ethan, playing with Cameron's new truck

What could be in this huge box??

A new basketball hoop!!
(By the way, let it be known that the boys love this toy.....but nowhere near the amount that their dad does)

Cameron, on "present overload" :-)

Grandma joined us for Christmas brunch and more presents!

Her new CARS blankie was a big hit with Ethan. It passed the thumb test! (He only sucks his thumb when he has his 'special' blankie)
Two little reindeer....wait, that's Colin and Cameron!!

It was a great day spent with our boys and our family!

Two days after Christmas, on the 27th, my Grandma Franzi (mom's mom) turned 88 years old. We all went over to Aunt Karen's to celebrate....more presents (for her, of course) and cake--just what we needed, more junk food!

This picture really doesn't have much to do with anything, except for the fact that I took it on Grandma's birthday--I just like it because I think Ethan and I look a lot alike in it!

Mom, Grandma Franzi, and me
Happy Birthday Grandma and Granny--we love you!
We had a wonderful Christmas week. Hope you did too!

~The Merritts~


Karie said...

You guys look as if you had a great Christmas. I am so sorry I haven't called, I am going to, I would like to talk to you. Kiss the boys for me.

Stephanie said...

Love the hoop. Gary held off on getting our until Elijah was a whopping 13 months old! Now he and 5 year old Elijah play one on one almost every night! You guys will love it!

. said...

Christmas looks like it was great, the boys are SOOO CUTE!! Cameron reminds me of my Reygann, she is such a cheeser and a ham, is he?

The boys are always dressed so cute, I thought to myself that I was going to have to offer to buy them off of you when they out grew them, but was bummed out when I realized that you would need them for Ethan!