Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Musings and belly pic


~do not enjoy getting up before the sun. Blech.

~love late-night talks with my adorable, wonderful, oh-so-handsome husband, so.....I'm willing to sacrifice some sleep every once in a while.

~watched Fireproof for the very first time last night. Yes, I know I am about a year behind everyone else on this, but what a GREAT movie, huh? (That's what prompted that late-night talk....) If you haven't seen this yet, it's awesome--go rent it!

~have a house that seems infested with ladybugs. Not the real ladybugs, mind you--the pretty red ones that 'bring good luck'--but the yucky, smelly, orange kind, known as the Asian ladybug, that were apparently imported here by our government for insect control purposes (they eat aphids) and now are taking over the nation. Or, at least, my house. Or, at least, it feels like it. Ugh. I actually had one crawling up my leg last night while my leg was under my covers in the privacy of my bed....oh, I can't even think about it. Talk about a freak out. Sick, sick, sick.

~spent the last four days growing a third eye. I mean, seriously....what is going on here? I vacillate each day between acne products to control breakouts and age fighters for the ever growing number of fine lines I am starting to see. Who does that? *sigh*

~found a couple of new Etsy sites that I love. Here (more hats--can't help myself) and Here (can you say, personalization-on-everything-we-own-for-this-child?). Plus, my friend Julie is adding new items to her shop almost everyday! I am determined to have hair accessories for every outfit. Ahem.

~go back for a checkup today! Looking forward to hearing my little Peanut! Though, these days--with her vicious kicks, karate chops, constant hiccups, and my ever-expanding frame--I have plenty of visual and tactile reminders that she's there! Cameron and Ethan are coming with me, and Cameron is so excited. He is currently counting the minutes (or, rather, asking me to count them....) until we leave.

27 weeks!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!


rameelin said...

You always look so beautiful! I love your belly pictures...

Kenzie said...

Happy Monday girl! Hope your appointment goes great... You look beautiful! I am super behind for an update so I promise I'll get to you soon! Love ya girl.

Karie said...

You are so cute. Believe it or not, I was maybe a little bit jealous when i saw your adorable belly (hmmm.....) Maybe I should be telling myself something.

Julie said...

Thanks for the props Dev!

You're SO stinkin' cute. And I am SO with you on the battle with both acne AND wrinkles. WHAT THE HECK?

Ande got bitten by an Asian ladybug once and I laughed at him saying, "Ladybugs don't BITE!" until I found out those ones do.

I can't believe you hadn't seen Fireproof prior to now. It's such an awesome movie! Did you watch all the "extras"? (That is sometimes my FAVE part of watching a movie)

Leanne said...

How come your hair always looks so cute in your belly pics??? Seriously, you look like you have the world by the tail and are enjoying life so much!!! Pregnancy makes you glow!

Asian Ladybugs? I was just reading about those the other day, and my mom's Gardener's catalog had some traps that stuck to your windowsills and trapped those ought to check the site out! We don't have those here, that I have seen.....ewwwww!

We haven't seen Fireproof yet, everyone is telling us we need to see it, it's so good....maybe one of these days! I can't stay up past the kids at night, so watching movies with the Husband is off the list!

Ah, pregnancy! Wish I was preggers now!!!

Take care!

Erica Miller said...

You look beautiful! I know I don't know you really but I have been inspired by your blog, and therefore have awarded you with the Most Honest blog!
Thank you!!!

Membership Required said...

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Ok so off that and on to this. I enjoyed reading your blog and will stop back by.
Have a great day.

Natalie said...

you look adorable !! I've been so bad about blogging lately but with 6 weeks to go or less possibly, I haven't been updating. Glad to hear you're doing well : ) Did you guys pick a name yet ?

Sandy said...

you look so cute.. i am sooo past the cute stage...ugh!

Jen said...

I'm with ya on the ladybugs. I almost drank one the other day. It was in my water bottle! Yuck! And, Fireproof was a good movie!

Jen said...

I'm with ya on the ladybugs. I almost drank one the other day. It was in my water bottle! Yuck! And, Fireproof was a good movie!