Monday, January 17, 2011

Typical girl

Everyone know that girls like to do everything in their own timing.

Take Lola, for example. We had family in this weekend who were desperately trying to get her to stand on her own (which she has yet to do without the backup of the couch).  They tried and tried and tried.

Four hours after they left, she did this:

Like, more than once.

And she was so proud of herself.  It probably helped that she had five people surrounding her, snapping pictures and yelling, "YAAAAAY Looooolaaaaa!"

Seriously.  I couldn't believe it.  

So sorry you missed this, Grandma, Grandpa, Alan, Deanna and Mckinley!


Anonymous said...

Grandma Nette says yeah Lola!!!

Jenny said...

What a little cutie! GO LOLA! LOVE those leggings too.

Julie said...

Love that girl.

Carolyn said...

Yay Lola!

Good job little girl who is growing up so fast. (our babies tend to do that don't they?)

Hey...I just heard about this Heart At Home's conference (that I first learned about on your very own blog a few years ago - or last year - or sometime in the past!) Anyway - it is in Normal, IL - I have no idea where that is but heard it is about 4 hours from me. I am thinking of going and wondered if there was a possible chance that you might be too. Would love the chance to meet you! And what better of a place to do so (other than our own crazy homes w/kids running all around us!)

Let me know!