Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walking right on home

"(Enoch) enjoyed a close relationship with God throughout his life. Then, suddenly, he disappeared because God took him." Genesis 5:24

Enoch was a faithful friend of God. He was in constant touch with him (Genesis 5:24). The King James Version renders this verse, "Enoch walked with God." Another word for that is "fellowship." His consistency in his fellowship with God gives us something to think about! In the end, after he had lived 365 years, he was favored by being taken to heaven in a supernatural way.

"He disappeared because God took him" (Genesis 5:24). The King James Version says, "He was not." One moment he "was"--the next he "was not." It was as if these two--God and Enoch--had taken so many walks together through life, talking and delighting in each other, that one day as they walked along God said to Enoch, "It's late; why don't you come home to my house tonight?" And they walked right on home! To be fruitful, faithful, and favored in such a way shows us what true friendship with God is all about.

Do we enjoy such closeness with God? Walking with God speaks of a commonality, a communion, an easy, conversation "walk" with our Creator on the road of life. It involves being honest with our heavenly Companion. Hurt feelings must be discussed, misunderstandings laid on the table. Fellowship means warmth of understanding and an interest in the thought and feelings of another. When we walk together with God all our days, we'll find ourselves walking right on home.

I enjoyed this for my morning quiet time today...I loved what Jill Briscoe had to say (from the book One Year Devotions for Women) and I wanted to share.  God wants to be our intimate friend....I hope that makes the impact on you that it did on me



Leanne said...

Yes, that did impact me! It made me, in a lightning instant, evaluate my walk with God. I realized that yes, in the past I have walked with God like that, and that yes, I want to continue to walk closer and closer with God. It gives one a warm, close feeling, almost like sitting in front of a warm winter fire!

Thanks for posting this; I may have to get that book. I love reading my Bible just wherever I happen to open it, but I also like guided reading, such as daily devotions. I'm looking for a daily devotion and so, I'll look into this one!