Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friendship and clothes--both wonderful blessings

So, as you saw a few days ago, last week we got a special delivery.

Back before I was ever pregnant with Miss Lola, I connected with Amanda over the loss of our babies.  We became close, emailing and texting on a regular basis.  When I found out we were having our only girl, Amanda indicated to me that she wanted to bless our family with her daughter's clothing, since she knew we obviously had no girl clothing around here.

The catch? She couldn't just hand them over to me.  Amanda is in Texas. They would have to be shipped.

That didn't phase her one bit.

What has followed has been countless boxes--delivered right to my door--of amazing goodies.  Jeans and pants, coats and sweaters and sweatshirts, shoes, hats, headbands, name it, it's been in at least one of the boxes!  And she never lets me give her anything in return.

Talk about an amazing, unbelievable blessing to our family.

Last week was an exception, however, even for her--I've never seen a box this big!!
Lo and I couldn't wait to dig in.
Don't let her face fool you.  She is very excited.

That thing was jam packed, folks.

I took out a ton of clothes...only to find more sacks underneath.

You can see the pile in the middle--surrounded by three stuffed bags.
Oh, and two headless boys who were very curious to know what their Mommy was geeking out over.

I immediately found an early favorite--a boutique hat, of course.
Lola clearly preferred the shoes.

I think there were 12 pair in all?
We knew right away that the jellies were a 'must try on'.

"I think they're an excellent fit, Mother...."

"....and they'll go with so many of my new dresses....I'm just so excited about it!!"

There was stuff in the bags still with the tags on!
I love me some sparkly, hot pink leggins.

This was the loot--before we opened the other three bags.

Then we dumped the first bag...

....and started on the other two.

A whole bag full of socks!

Okay, maybe not a whole bag full. I guess there were a few hats in there, too!

Bag three was chock full of swimsuits.
We are definitely covered for multiple changes of attire at the pool now!

I can't help it. The bikini is definitely a fave.

My still-waiting-for-carpet floor was covered.

Some of our faves--Viva Italia havainnas.
Seriously? I just hope Lo's feet grow into size four this summer!
Oh, and the jellies, of course!

Guitar shirt for the Fall. Definitely appropriate, since her father does play and all.

So many cute shirts and dresses.

We are so thankful and amazingly blessed to have someone who loves our family this much. 
It truly is incredible--we certainly do not deserve it, and we feel so blessed!

Thank you Amanda--from the bottom of our hearts!


TDM Wendy said...

hand me downs rule! my friend who has older girls ships her stuff too and it's like Christmas!

Amanda Hoyt said...

We LOVE Ya'll :)

Brittany said...

HUGE blessing! That is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You DEFINITELY deserve the blessings!!! =)
You have no idea how much you've blessed BIG ways!! -siob
LOVE her teeth too!! So adorable!