Wednesday, February 23, 2011

13 months of wonderful


Today, you are 13 months old.  You truly have given your Momma 13 months of wonderful. You are in a stage of life right now that is so exciting--you are doing new things each and every day, and your Daddy and I get the biggest kick out of you!


Are sixteen and a half pounds, and everyone--I mean everyone-- comments on how tiny you are.  You are in the one percentile.  Yes, you heard me right.  (And I think the nurse was being generous.)

Almost always sit with one leg straight out and one leg tucked back behind you.

Are in a size three diaper and wearing 12 month clothing--some of which
fits, and some of which you are still swimming in.  See sleeves.

Love to splash yourself silly in the tub.

And, when cousin Livy was here, you loved bath time even more!

You go by many different names: Lo, Lolee girl, LC, LoBaby, LolaBelle, Peanut, LoLo, answer to all of them!

Are still nursing--for comfort only now, morning and night. I very much still enjoy our snuggle time, but I know it will be coming to an end soon.

Love to nap with this guy.  
{He has, apparently, taught you everything you know.}

 Actually, you love to do most everything with your Daddy--you adore him!

You have the best smile.  It melts our hearts.

However, you also (ALREADY) know how to use said smile to get out of trouble.  Each and every time you are caught with something in your hand that you know you are not supposed to have--Wii remotes, for example--you flash your pearlies and think it's all going to be okay!!

Sleep in the same corner of your bed, in the same position, every night.

  Suck your thumb and play with your ear when you get tired. It is the cutest thing.

Have learned to spread your legs to avoid being put in the exersaucer.

{Enter your groans here, at the fact that I still put my one year old in an exersaucer...I know, I know....but seriously, people, sometimes a Mommy has to be able to do things without worrying about what little fingers are getting into. And, once in, she still enjoys it. Somewhat.}

Look adorable in your "winter gear".

Come on,!!
  That's better.

Are standing, cruising around furniture, and walking behind your baby doll stroller from Grandma Nette. And, any day now, you are going to take off walking all by yourself, and your Momma is going to have to chase you even faster than I do now. *sigh*

Can say all done, kitty, momma, dada (and almost daddy), your own version of Col, more, down, nigh-night, bye.  I'm sure there are a few other things, too!

Can rock a very boyish Urlacher jersey.....

....all while playing "Tea Party".
A real multi-tasker already, I say.

{ And your teeth. Oh...they kill me.}

 Love taking rides in the Tonka truck....given, of course, by your loving big bros.

And, probably the funniest thing you do right now is the "death crawl" (as evidenced below, and cleverly nicknamed by your brothers after watching Facing the Giants one too many times!)  Apparently, you don't mind crawling on the wood floors or the carpet--as seen in the second half of the video--but the slate floor in the kitchen gives you the heebies!

Oh, Lola girl.  Have I mentioned you are such a blessing?

And that your Momma's life has been so much more wonderful since you arrived 13 months ago?


Sandy said...

cute! Reesie was 15 months old yesterday..and she is still nursing at least twice a day! hard to let go of it! Lola is a sweetie, I miss seeing her and her momma!

Shelly said...

precious lamb! and ezra still goes in his exersaucer because seriously--sometimes you need somewhere for them to be safe and contained! =)

Shaina N said...

So. Stinking. Cute!!!!

JMB said...

She is such a doll! Love the picture of her sleeping on Daddy's cute, they both have their heads sorta tilted the same way. And her smile really is something! She smiles with her entire face!

Jenny said...

Happy 13 month birthday Lola! You are PRECIOUS!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

OMG, Dev!! I love her!!
She sucks her thumb??!?!? How cute is that?!?!
I love those grey and pink baby legs!
Oh and I freaking love that crawling thing she does! It is hysterical :)
Happy 13 months LC AND momma!

Edie Mindell said...

Such a sweet post from a loving mom to her equally loving and sweet Lola.:-) I love all of the pictures. She's really adorable, and you're right, I think I already love her.:-)

Unknown said...

Oh, My! She is a doll! She, to me, looks so much like Colin. I'm a little partial to crazy little redheaded girls myself.(Reesie being one) She is just adorable

Erica Miller said...

hehehe! She is precious! I love how she does the "death crawl" hahaha! what a cutie :) You are truely blessed with your 4 beautiful babies