Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At this rate--it's gonna be a long day . . . .

Me: "Ethan, please don't do handstands on the couch like that."

No movement.

Me: "Ethan, please get down."

No movement.

Me: "Eee-thaaaan...."

No movement.

I come over and put him upright on the couch, look him in the eye, and say:

"Ethan, why are you not obeying Mommy?"

Ethan: "I've decided not to put my listening ears on today."


Kara said...

Once again he and Cole are too much alike:). Maybe we should rethink this meet up:). We might create chaos!!!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have, but I laughed. We all have those days. Some times I wonder if my boys even have listening ears.

Jenny said...