Monday, February 28, 2011

Living with Cameron

Every child is unique.

In my own house, with four children that all share the same exact genes, there are many similarities across the board. However, when I look at each of my children individually, I see a lot of differences.

Take Cameron, for example.

There is just something about this child that I can not explain. Everyone that meets him loves him almost instantly. He has a way with his actions, his mannerisms, his's not really something I can put my finger on, entirely--so it may be hard for me to express in one post exactly what I am talking about--but I am going to give it my best shot.

When you live with Cameron, you hear things like this:

"Mommy? When I was in your belly....did you eat a lot of cauliflower?"

"Mommy, I would like to be a walrus for Halloween next year. They seem nice."

"Mommy? I love you eighty seven percent."

You also hear a lot of *thuds*.  When you inquire about said *thuds*, asking something like:
 "What in the world are you doing, Cameron?"

You might receive this answer:
"I'm doing some hard damage."


When you live with Cameron, you say things like this:

"I'm pretty sure there is no super hero named 'big-fat-jerk-man', Cameron."


"No, I don't believe there is ever a time when a fly could beat a tiger, honey."  {{pause}}  "No....I don't think that a tiger would get sick if he ate a man with only one eye."


When you live with Cameron, you see things like this:
And then you have a conversation that goes somewhat like:
"Cameron, what'cha doing?"
And you get a response of:
"Playing Chinese."

Or, you see things like this:
 You ask this question:
"What'cha doing, Cameron?"

And you get this answer:
"Playing superheroes. I'm Diver Man."
{And, yes--those are underpants on his head. Don't worry. They're his.}

Or, if you ask for his help at arranging your goodies from CVS 
(for a long overdue couponing post), he will most likely add his own little flair:

"Mom...Wolverine just wanted to be in the picture too, okay?"
How do you say no to that?
You don't.
(By the way, all that stuff cost me less than four dollars....but that's another post for another day.)

He sometimes forgets how big he is, and does things like this:
{Poor Deanna. I'm sure her back ached for days.}

 When you get him a gift (like his Urlacher jersey, given by Grandma Jane at Christmas,
or his Bears backpack from Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa).... can tell by the expression on his face that he is truly grateful. 

(Blurry, but you get it.)

He always, always wants to help me around the house.
Whether it is making a bed all by himself....

or pitching in by doing some dishes.

{This was unprompted, may I add--and he never knew I was snapping
pics of him, because I hid behind a post and shot them from far away. I was 
completely astounded that he did this all by himself.  Needless to say, 
he got a little extra-special treatment from Mommy on this day!)

 And, he always adds comic relief.
Like the time he offered me some help when I was cutting some onions for spaghetti sauce

No matter what day it is, who is around, or what is going on, having Cameron by my side always makes things better.  He just adds a special something to my everyday life.

I sure feel lucky that God chose me to be his Mom.


Anonymous said...

and I'm so glad GOD chose me to be his Grandma. I belly laughed over this blog, with tears in my eyes :)
I totally understand how Cami is and appreciate his ways more than anyone knows. Love you Cami!
Gma Jane xo

Theresa said...

Cameron is such a fantastic little boy! I'm so glad you share part of your world with us Dev...he totally makes my day too! :)

Kara said...

I can't wait to meet him in person! He cracks me up! It might be a full on belly workout with all the laughter getting our crews together!