Friday, September 3, 2010

One small step for some giant leap for this one

"Mom! Mom!! Mom!!"

"Cameron," I said, "I'm right here, buddy. What's up?"

"I need to show you something in your bedroom! C'mon!"

Yesterday, my sweet second son excitedly grabbed my arm and dragged me took me down the hall to my bedroom to show me this:

He had 'made' my bed for me.
All by himself.
With no prompting.

Now, unlike most areas of our home (one of our bathrooms, our kitchen and dining room, the boys' bedroom, our living room, our family room, and our original office/guest room which later became Lola's room) my bedroom has not been redone yet. (Well, except for our closet, of course.) You still can see the dark brown paneling on the walls in the background. Remodeling a house from top to bottom takes some time--and we know that it will happen.....someday!

But, because of the 'condition' of our bedroom, I try to make sure that the bed is very neat and tidy each day--because, if it isn't, it just looks so cluttered and messy and ugly in there.

Oh, yeah, and because--remember me? The type-A, perfectionist, likes-everything-to-be-shiny Mommy? I also like my bed to made each day. *sigh*

I'm really trying to be better with that whole need-for-perfectness-thing. Today, I believe, I made great strides.

I will admit--ashamedly, but I'm being brutally honest--that at first glance, my initial thought was: "Oh goodness. Cam....good trying, but I'm definitely going to need to straighten this one up." And then--praise the Lord for His graciousness--I caught myself.

Before I could show Cameron that he didn't do it "right".

Before my face could give away any sense of disappointment and shatter the pride in what he had done for me.

Before I could crush this little boy's spirit in any way, shape, or form.

Shame on me, I thought to myself.

My version of right....what even is that in my crazy book? God is patiently and gently teaching me, most times through the amazing gift of my children, that my right isn't the only correct way.

There's more than one way to load a dishwasher. More than one way the clothes can be folded. More than one way you can paint a little boy's closet. More than one way the beds can be made.

And on and on it goes.

The bed did not get touched. The whole day. It needed no improvement--it was right exactly how it was. And a constant reminder of Cameron's love for me in wanting to 'help'.

I am working on it
. A definite work in progress. Though I will continually strive for more progress, it was great getting a small glimpse of it yesterday.

And it was absolutely, positively glorious to have my bed made so perfectly.


Kara said...

I am right there with you sister! After being married to my laid back hubby for 11 years, and 4 kids later, God has definitely taught (is teaching) me to relax! I still have a long way to go, but I love those little lessons along the way :) Love you girl, ps - put a few pics of the baby up, just to string you along!

Julie said...

Aw Dev - tears in my eyes at this one. I'm right there with ya when it comes to the "right" way to do things. Thanks for that.