Monday, January 19, 2009

Happenings, part five: The Office/Guest Bedroom

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An impromptu remodel that we did just a couple of months ago was our office/guest bedroom. We weren't planning on doing it; in fact, the office was the very last room we were planning on tackling.

But, the weekend of our 8th anniversary trip, we decided something: we were not going to gut the office, the way we had done with every other room so far, but simply work with the 'bones' that we already had in the room--i.e. the panelling and the ceiling squares--and just do a quick and easy 'makeover' rather than a full-fledged overhaul.

So, that Monday, after our trip, we came home....and got to work.

The office before: a panoramic view, going around the room clockwise

The work begins:
Prepping the panelling for paint by sanding
{*Dig on my fashion, here:
I seriously think that scrunchie on my head is from like,1992.
Feel free to give a shout out if you still wear any of your old scrunchies*}

Getting some big help from our little guys
By the way, we have started this 'thing' where we always make them work on projects in their underwear. It saves big time on holes to clothing and paint damage--or to any other clothing damage that two boys might manage to cause.
{You just probably wouldn't believe me if I told you...}

Shane and I starting the primer

This picture is simply to illustrate the lovely green paint that was in the closet
Ceiling and walls are primed; first coat of paint going on
(Poor Shane; as I've stated in previous posts, he always gets to do all the fun "trim" work when we paint, because I possess neither the patience nor the skill for that)

More trim work
First coat of paint done. It actually dried a bit darker than this.
Doesn't it just look like someone melted Hershey's kisses all over my walls?

Shane in action, building our new guest bed
(with his helper Colin close at his side, as usual!)
The boys watching Daddy work
Primer and paint done; now on to some finishing touches!
Installation of blinds

For several days during the makeover, we were telling Ethan "Don't touch the walls!"
This was his, "Can I touch now?" face, and laughing and smiling when we finally said yes!
Shane finishing up building the bed and putting it all together

And, the final result!

The new desk and shelving
They are both from Ikea, if you're wondering. They have gotten some very nice things lately! ( was on our getaway weekend, when we were doing some shopping at Ikea, that we saw this desk. We sat down right then and there and began making our alternative plans for the office! I loved this desk--I thought it was just so pretty and classy looking, and thought it would look great in our office/bedroom. {The detail of the desk may not come across well on the'll just have to take my word for how pretty it is!} I was so glad Shane agreed with me; he, of course, was the brains behind putting everything all together, as usual!)

The desk and the cozy, made-from-scratch bed

On the other side of the room, we used a pair of curtains to hang across the old doorway of the closet, and it really softens the room up nicely. It certainly isn't as elaborate as the other rooms we have done, but, there was no need for that in this case. This room turned out looking great, and we couldn't be happier about one less room we didn't have to tear apart!


Aim said...

yea! a bed and blinds!!! love it! oh and just the other day I couldn't find a hair tie so I broke out a scrunchie from my sisters cheerleading days that she passed on to me after she was finished. I have had it since 92 probably. wow. good thing I am not the only one

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Holla for the 1992 scrunchie! Big fan here! All about being functionable...not fashionable! The makeover is cute! Makes me hungry just lookin' at those walls!

Mandey said...

it turned out wonderfully! I love how your boys were all sitting on their bikes watching daddy work! :D and I love the "chocolate" on the walls! hehehe

Julie said...

I don't think I have any scrunchies from 92, but there are some "oldies but goodies" around here somewhere. LOL

I like the makeover. Sometimes just a little paint and some new furnishings work wonders!

Kara said...

It looks amazing! You guys are good. Love the desk too! Good work and I love the boys working in their underwear...that is too funny!

Stephanie Swenson said...

Dang...who just builds a bed from scratch? I thought that only happened on Trading Spaces :) LoL That's awesome that you have your own personal carpenter!

Heard anything about the seminar from anyone? Your friend was right... It's like trying to find a hotel in Bethlehem on Christmas night. LoL Maybe I shouldn't joke about might be blasphemous. LoL

Karie said...

looks awesome. Look at those boys in their undies, so cute.

Its A Corny Life... said...

That is one handy man you have there! I just looked back at the kitchen and them! A beautiful house indeed! One of my drawer fronts in the kitchen literally came off in my hands when I pulled the drawer open the other day, so I totally have kitchen envy right now. Anytime you guys want to come to California to vacation, err...install a new kitchen in my house...let me know!

Nancy said...

Beautiful! I love the white furniture against the melted chocolate walls. But why in the world didn't you like the lovely green closet?? ;-) LOL!!

Drew and I were laughing at the boys...swap the faces, and they could SO have been our boys in exactly the same places! BTW, Drew was drooling at all the toys, I mean tools, Shane has in the garage. He has some, but one day would like to have a nice shop space set up. :)

Kathy said...

Scrunchy? What? What!! Awesome!

Fabulous room!!! I love your work. (And the little men in their birthday em!)

We are gearing up to start our house...can we hire you guys?!???

What a wonderful house my friend. What great people to fill that house and make it a home!

AmandaHoyt said...

Everything looks great! Man ya'll are busy :)