Friday, January 30, 2009

Happenings, Part Six: Closet Makeover alternately titled: One more *thing* checked off the Honey-Do list

Wow. What a response. Did you all read the comments of the last post?


The Munro Family's comment definitely had the most "Merritt Thought" put into it (and if you can't understand why on earth she would bring up a snake, you should click here); my sister-in-law Aimee's comment made both Shane and me laugh out loud; Steph's comment.....well, she obviously knows my boys pretty well; and I felt extremely well loved (as usual) by my buds Julie, Kara, and Kathy :-).

Most of you were on the same train of thought: Shane re-did our master closet.

Of all the projects we have done (and I have posted) this is probably--in Shane's own words--the least impressive on a grandeur scale; yet, for me, it is one of the most practical improvements we've done yet! We didn't do the whole knock-down-walls-and-make-a-huge-walk-in-master-closet or anything....but once again used what we had and added a few key improvements.

And I use the term we very, very loosely here.

See, I started with this:

Every single bit of clothing that both Shane and I owned had to fit on this one bar. We don't own a standard dresser like most people do, so we have less room for clothing right off the bat--and then you add a very non-functional closet on top of that, and we were really hurting! We have only one other piece of furniture in our bedroom, and that is an armoir with only two drawers. There's got to be a place for underwear and socks, can see our dilemma.

One bar.

For two winters now, my sweaters have found their position on the side of my bed, like so:

{The type-A perfectionist in me did, not at all,
have a difficult time posting the above picture.}

Tsk, tsk. For shame.

So, after two years of grumbling complaining gently reminding my sweet husband of my problems in this area, like stepping over my clothes every night just to get in my bed, for crying out loud, a couple of days ago, Shane decided to quickly and efficiently tackle our closet and shut me up once and for all.

You know. In his free time.

He started by ripping one whole foot of panelling and framing off of each side of the openings of our closet, so as to widen the door by two whole feet! There is nothing worse than having to reach back into the closet behind a wall to try to get your hands on your clothes. It's just terrible visibility people. That's all there is to it.

Colin, of course, helped by *sawing* some wood of his own....
....with a hat that matches his Daddy's of course.

More cutting, and you can see the some of the shelving here as well!

And, about three hours later, I had this!

Glorious. Just glorious.
{*Doors to be added later, if you're wondering*}
Every single stinkin' thing I own (oh, yeah...and Shane's too) fits in here. Organized. Dressy shirts with dressy pants. Camis right next to sweaters and shrugs. T-shirts hung together and color-coordinated. Long-sleeved shirts separated from short-sleeved. Sweaters folded and in a spot that fits them oh. so. perfectly.

And nothing shoved on any floors. Anywhere.

I am a happy woman. And Shane wins husband-of-the-year. Hands down.


Jen said...

It looks great!

Kirst said...

What a change. It looks great. nice to such a handy hubby hey?!

Nancy said...

Beautiful!!! I think that has to be the most exciting remodel that you have done yet!

By the way, I thought I was the only one who color-coordinated the clothes in my closet. :)

The Boe's ~ said...

(Jason has all his stuff color-coordinated---I try *wink)

The Boe's ~ said...

Ps. I was just showing Jason all of your work, Shane and he wants to know why you don't work in your underwear with the boys????

Laura said...

Glorious! Absolutely GLORIOUS! I'm very jealous about the color co-ordinating and orginization skills shown in this blog. Amazing.
Have fun tomorrow and tell Ethan Happy B-day Too.

Kathy said...

::: Wiping a tear::::

Only a woman could know what a marvelous site that wonderful. So happy for you! What a great guy!

(So does this mean you're NOT moving to NE?!? :)

Julie said...


I was REALLY hoping you were moving to Michigan.


But, a newly refurbished closet is just about the next best thing I guess!

Oh, how I wish I had a closet to call my own...

Aim said...

hey. looks great. I must say. my closet at home is about 1/3 of yours. I would die with all that room!!! nice to have things so organized.

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

oh that looks awesome... what a lucky lady you are! :)