Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On opposites

During reading time today, after reading a book on opposites:

Me: "Colin, can you tell me what the opposite of big is?"

Colin: "Small."

Me: "Great! Can you name something that is big, and something that is small?"

Colin: "A monkey is big...and a bird is small."

Me: "Great! And, what is the opposite of the same?"

Colin: "Different."

Me: "That's right! Can you tell me two things that are different?"

Colin: "Yep...you and I are different."

Me: "That's right. You and I are very different. We are different in many ways. Can you tell me one reason why we are different?"

(And so my thought process begins for him: you are a girl and I am a boy....you are big and I am little....you are tall and I am short...)

Colin: "We are different because....{thinking}

....because we have two different heads."


Julie said...

Ha, haa! He's so cute! I really need to write down the things my kids say and do! I love reading what your kids come up with!!

Amanda said...

That's awesome!! I love little boy logic! hehehe

Julie said...

Well, that does make you different! LOL

What a good mama you are - doing reading time even when you're sick! I really feel like a slacker now. Thanks.

Shelly said...


Unknown said...

Great job colin! Oh dev, he is too funny sometimes. you were very brave at letting him answer that one! whew!

Kirst said...

Too funny! I love hearing what your kids have to say.

Nancy said...

Too funny!!! I have to be honest, my brain was racing to come up with what he might have said before I scrolled down to read his answer. Wouldn't have come up with it, but way too cute!! :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

That is too funny :)
So neat to see how their brains are gobbling up all this new information!!
Hugs and prayers,

Hannah said...

I just love their logic.. :)