Saturday, January 24, 2009

My children have the cleanest sheets in town

Why, you ask? A brief overview of my week.....


Sunday: Put the boys to bed as normal.

Somewhere in the middle of Sunday night: Cameron wets his bed.

Monday morning: Wake up. Discover the wet sheets. Strip everyone's bed, because if I am going to wash one set of sheets, they might as well all get cleaned, right?

Monday evening: After a day spent washing three sets of sheets and blankets, make up the boys' three beds with yummy, delicious-smelling, sparkly clean sheets. If, you know, sheets could be sparkly.

Monday night: Put the boys to bed as normal.

Somewhere in the middle of Monday night: Cameron wets his bed. Again.

Tuesday morning: Wake up. Discover the wet sheets. Again. Strip only Cameron's bed this time. Wash all of his blankets and sheets.

Tuesday evening: Put the boys to bed as normal. Say a little prayer over Cameron that he will stay dry tonight.

Wednesday, early morning--3 a.m., to be exact: God hears my prayer, but answers me differently than I had hoped....I hear whimpering coming from the boys' room.

{If I just pretend I don't hear it, will it go away?}

It doesn't go away, and whimpering turns to crying, which turns into calls of "Mommy? Mooooommmmmyyyyy.....I need you." They were coming from.....

....Colin, who had wet his bed. He hasn't had an accident in months, so this is very unusual.


I strip him down and strip all the sheets. I throw a blanket over his mattress, and call it good. We change his clothes and get him all snuggled back into bed.

Wednesday day: Take the soiled linens to the laundry room. Much is going on that day, so things got washed but not dried.

Wednesday night: Put the boys to bed as normal, with Colin still in his makeshift, blanket-acting-as-the-mattress-pad bed. Beseech my sweet Lord above that this would be an uneventful evening filled with dry pants.

Thursday morning: Wake up. Praise the Lord, it was an uneventful evening! Throw Colin's sheets in the dryer. Leave around 10 a.m. for Chicago for a day trip. (More on that later.)

Thursday evening, about 10 minutes to midnight: Return home from Chicago. Make up Colin's bed with his clean, dry sheets. Bring all three sleeping boys in from the car and put them all in their beds.

Forget to say that prayer.

Friday morning: Wake up. Go about my normal business. Go into the boys' room. Discover that Cameron has, again, wet. his. sheets.

*Make the longest, deepest sigh imaginable to mankind.*

Strip Cameron's sheets and blankets. Wash and dry. Make up one of my sons' beds with clean sheets for the 4th time in as many days.

Friday night. Put the boys to bed *sigh* as usual. Did not forget to say that prayer.

So, it's like I said. The cleanest sheets in town.


Here's hoping for a dry Saturday morning--otherwise, I may possibly do myself bodily harm....


Julie said...

Oh, isn't that ever frustrating!!! I feel your pain, sister.

Maybe you could get a pad to put on top of the sheets to protect them if he does wet while he's sleeping? at least then you might not have to chane the whole bed.

I hate that.

our family said...

Hope you get a break from doing sheets today. Can't wait to hear about the Chicago trip. I used to live in Illinois and loving going to Chicago. About two weeks ago I was craving some Chicago Pizza so we had to settle for Uno's it was pretty good but not quite Geno's or Giordano's.

Kara said...

Another reason for me to delay potty training Carter...I hate doing laundry!

Aim said...

so maybe just think of it as if you are a maid in a very ritzy hotel that changes someone's sheets daily even if they are still staying there for days, weeks, months, years? does that help at all? you are just one, on top of things mommy? that's how I see it at least:)

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

Oh the life of a mama!

none of my boys are bed wetters but they do have the occasional accident and I swear they all do it at the same time or 2 nights in a row or something crazy like that. Uggg!


AmandaHoyt said...

I know the story! I hope tonight is better :)
Hugs and THAT Prayer,

Nancy said...

So sorry Devin! I think we've all been there and we have all prayed THAT prayer! Here's hoping you have a DRY night at your house (and mine too!!).

Julie said...

I'm so sorry, but I am laughing my buns off over here! I KNOW how frustrating this can be. I don't think Reygann had sheets on her bed for a week one time... darn bladders! I hope things dry up over there soon!

Jen said...

That's how I feel about Aiden's sheets. He doesn't pee on them though. He pukes on them. Gotta love these kids!

Carolyn said...

Grrrrrr - I have been there and feel your pain with the wet sheets. What blows my mind (and my patience) are the times when the pull up can't even keep the sheets dry! I've got one who struggles, one who never has an accident, and one who doesn't count because he is 1 and still in diapers! Boys, boys, boys! Let me know if you figure out any solutions.

Have a great week!

Laura said...

I hear ya! Lately with Sophie it's usually poop. Good luck!