Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Award recipients

Part of the fun of "earning" a blog award was that I get to pass it along to five other bloggers.

Ooooh! I likey.

There are so many blogs I enjoy....just look at my blog roll! So many of you have great things to share--funny stories, biblical wisdom, cute pictures--it was really hard to pick just five!

After a great deal of careful consideration (like I'm giving an Oscar or something *giggle*), I have decided to pass along this award to a few women who are very near and dear to my heart and, in my humble opinion, have a great blog for a variety of reasons! Go check them out and see for yourself--and in the meantime, ladies--just know I love ya and enjoy your blog immensely!

Shelly -- has obvious love for her husband (which connected me to her immediately!) and two adorable little girls--who are frequently captured in pictures, and who say some of the funniest things known to mankind.

Kara --has three little boys one year younger than mine, but exactly the same distance apart in age--and they all three start with "C", which happens to be a favorite letter around here, too! Many cute antics happen daily in their household, and many times I feel as though I am reading my own blog from last year....

Kathy --a city girl who was swept off her feet by a cowboy. Three adorable little boys--one year younger than ours, but again, the same distance apart. And funny! With a theme song of "Green Acres"--that, when you actually sit and listen to the words, is so appropriate--who could not love this woman?

Kenzie --an amazing mother of three who has become a wonderful and and always encouraging friend. We have so very much in common, and I can't say enough good about her! She seems to always have just the right thing to say--purposefully or not--to lift me up and keep me going in the right direction.

Julie --well....I'm not sure where to start. I love Julie for so many reasons. She is an amazing mom to 5 children, and generally will make you pee your pants with the tales of her daily life. Julie is my longest known blogger buddy--I'm so glad I "bumped" into her by blog hopping--and I love her to death.

(Oh, and recipients? Feel free, when you are nominating your five favorite mommies, to nominate me again. A girl can always use more awards.)

HA! Just kidding of course.

I mean, unless you really want to.....



Julie said...


Aw, Dev! You're so sweet!!

Okay, in accepting my award, I'd like to thank....


Seriously, though - you may never know how much I appreciate your friendship (and how you make me laugh).

Your other "nominees" (well, the ones I have read before anyway) definitely deserve their awards, too!! I don't know if I've ever read Kathy or Kara's blogs before, but since they come so highly recommended, I guess I'll have to check them out myself! Because, you know I just don't spend nearly enough time reading blogs...

Shelly said...

aw, thanks sweetie! you ROCK! your blog makes me so happy--and i'm super honored that you like mine!

Kara said...

Thanks dear! You are the best blessing of this year I think! I am so glad I blog hopped and found you! You are so encouraging and helpful when I am at my wit's ends overhere! I too love Kenzie's blog but I will definitely have to check out the others! I might find some more blog buddies!

Kenzie said...

Wow Dev... you're fabulous!! I love that we can give each other silly awards that make our days. Whatever- so NOT silly!! Worth all the time or recent lack thereof (on my part) in the blogging world. It's nice to get some sort of award when we're not part of the "working world"- just working our rears off at home :)

Love you girl and I will be posting soon my 5... yep, I believe you will earn a spot. Those boys are just TOO funny!

Happy night!

Kathy said...

Oh wow D, that's so absolutely kind. I'm so thankful for you. (Thankful that you put up with my silliness) Thank you for the kind words my friend.

It's come'en back ta' ya baby