Friday, January 9, 2009

A very special tree

My friend Kristy tagged me a couple of days ago. The rules were simple: go to the fourth folder in my pictures and choose the fourth picture. Post it and explain.

So I went to the fourth folder....found the fourth picture...and laughed my head off remembering the story behind it.

I needed a laugh today. I got it. Thought you might like one too.

Let me explain the photo....

One night last summer after the boys' races, Shane and I ran through Wendy's to get them some chicken nuggets for dinner. (Nutritious, I know....but, it was late and we were low on options.) We decided that we would rather have (the even more nutritious) Taco Bell, so we got their food, handed it out, and headed on down the road to get ours.

We pulled up in line at Taco Bell, and all of a sudden Colin says incredulously,

"Lookie there Cameron....a nugget tree!"
I know the picture is a bit dark (it was dark outside when I took it) but what you are looking at actually is a pine tree with pine cones on it.

Since I had my camera with me, I decided that the "nugget tree" just had to be caputured on film. I remember thinking both "I need to put that one on the blog; that is so funny!" and "Those do look strangely like nuggets growing on that tree...." I never did post about it--but I've kept the picture all this time.


Kirst said...

I have to agree they do kind of look like chicken nuggets.
Now I'm curious as to what picture I would find. Time to find out.

Julie said...


You know, hypothetically speaking, of course a nugget tree would be pretty popular around our house. You know, for those *uh* RARE occasions in which we choose a not-so-healthy option for dinner...LOL

Shelly said...

ha! now a nugget tree-that would be amazing!

Kara said...

We would so love a nugget tree at this house!