Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy eight months . . . . my
electric blue-eyed
giggling like crazy
loudly babbling
peek-a-boo loving
high-pitched squealing
sort of waving
sitting unattended
big brother adoring
{and, subsequently, drooling}
bottle refusing
self feeding
cheerio loving
pedicure sporting
scooting army crawling
hair bow wearing
very determined
unbelievably joyful
amazingly beautiful
thoroughly wonderful

....who, incidentally, is looking much too grown up in this picture.

We love you Lola Claire!


Its A Corny Life... said...

Happy Birthday, Big Girl! I love the painted toenails. My Lil's just turned 9 months (is it just me or is time going by WAY too fast?) and *gulp*, she is crawling all over the place!

Jenny said...

She is simply ADORABLE!!!!

Kara said...

seriously, she is looking way to grown up in this picture! she MUST slow down!

You got yourself one little cutie momma! Can't wait to love on her in person!

Amanda Hoyt said...

O my word! She is just so precious and truly a wonderful gift!! Her eyes and painted toe nails are soooo awesome!
Love you

Shaina N said...

Happy month birthday! Keevia will be 1 in a little over 20 something days. I'm going to die. LOL!

Oh, and Keevie has that SAME shirt! too cute!