Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little things make big smells

Me, walking into Lola's room, to be greeted by all three boys playing on the floor with Lola and a certain very recognizable smell:

"Peeeee-yoooo.  It stinks in here! Who is pootering in this room?"

Colin, looking at me and grinning: "Me and Cameron!"

All boys in the room share the giggle.  {You know the one: the stinking-up-the-room-by-f@rting-a-bunch-of-times-in-a-row-is-hilarious giggle.  Grrrrrrrrrrr.}

Me, in disgust: "Guys! Go on....get out of Lola's room. It smells gross in here now, thanks to you both!"

Colin, grabbing Cameron by the arm and taking off running: "C'mon Cameron! Let's go to our room and stink it up in there!"


Boys are gross.