Monday, December 22, 2008

Food can't do that....or can it?

Most families, I'm sure, have a word for "passing gas."

Ours is "pooter."

It's been our word since I was a little girl. Shane doesn't really care for it *grin* but it is better than the alternatives: fluff....putz....toot....etc.

So, today at lunch, Colin asked me to make one of his favorites--Triscuits with melted cheese.

I used a different kind of cheese than I normally do, 'cause we were out of the other kind....and this new cheese did some odd things in the microwave. I took the plate of crackers out, and the cheese was bubbling and popping all over the place. Odd, to me, because it hadn't even been in there very long.

I set the plate down in front of Colin, and we both watched.

Suddenly, one of the bubbles popped and made a pssssss sound.

And Colin pointed at the Triscuit and, as seriously as someone could be, he said,

"Mom. This Triscuit just pootered."


Its A Corny Life... said...

Ha! Funny stuff. Over here we call it a tushie sneeze. :-)

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Too funny! That probably would've just made my boys' day! They love anything to do with farts! Kinda sick, but amusing at the same time!

Julie said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for the early morning giggle.

Joy said...

We totally call them toots! and we're awful for saying it to whomever has the privelage of using the almost empty ketchup bottle that does it when it has an air bubble!

Kara said...

love that story! over here we say toot. caden is all about whoopie cushions and got two already this season :) so he calls them his tooter the life of all males in this house :)

The Boe's ~ said...

Boys,gotta love em =)never heard of "pooter" before, gotta admit =) too funny!

Love the "popcorn" story too....we get it around here too---the mommy vs. daddy!!!

Kirst said...

Too funny!

Kenzie said...


That is hilarious! Yeah, here we say "gassies" so we often get funny looks when Deacon will say, oh, mommy I just had some gassies. :)

Wanted to wish you and your 4 boys a very MERRY CHRISTMAS as we celebrate our Lord and the one who made it possible for us to spend an eternity with our babies.

Love you girl! Blessings and prayers,