Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving fun--Jump Zone

While in for Chicago for what I affectionately call "Thanksgiving Week", we had loads of fun, as usual. On Wednesday, we took all the kids (seven of them under 5 years old) to this wonderful place called Jump Zone. It is this ginormous room that is filled with nothing but giant inflatables, and the kids (and the big boys) had the best time!

Luke flying down the slide so fast that the camera couldn't even focus!

Reese all ready to get her jump on

Colin begging me, "Can I puh-lease go in Mommy?"
Uncle Jay's best side *giggle*
....followed in by Colin....

.....and moments later, tumbling out, came little Ethan

My sweetie of a nephew, Callen

Uncle Rog and Ethan having some cuddle time (this, I will have you know, was actually initiated by Ethan....I could hardly believe my eyes!) My shy little guy not being so shy.

Me and my niece Olivia

Colin zooming down one of the huge slides

This was the best shot I got all day of Cameron. That child would not hold still for one instant to let me get a good picture. Grrrr.

Uncle Jay thought it would be a great idea to take Callen down the mega-slide. Afterward, it seemed as though Callen had really liked it....right up to the part where, about 6 1/2 minutes later, he puked all over his poor mommy Karie.

Oh, yes, for now it's all smiles....

Everyone had a blast that afternoon--and there was still so much fun to come!
To be continued.....


Julie said...

That looks like SO much fun!! (well, except for the throwing up part...poor little guy. Hope he's all better now)

Ande was just asking me the other day if you lived near/ever went to Chicago. Maybe that means someday he's planning to take me there, and you and Shane could meet up with us! :)

Laurie said...

We've gone to our local place like that a couple times - not only is it a lot of fun but it's actually quite the cardio work-out.

Mama Amber said...

That looks soo fun! That's a great place for the boys to get out all the energy, I'm sure! I bet they slept good that night! Hehe.

By the way, I did NOT forget about getting you my tea recipe! I was MIA for 3 weeks, but I didn't forget about you. I will post it on my blog ASAP :-)

Brittany said...

We're going to Chicago in about 10 days. Where is this? I tried googling it and the only thing that came up said it's not open yet and didn't give any prices or anything. Do you have any information you can email to me, by chance?

Kathy said...

So fun! It looks like kids had a blast! What fun place...

Love those babes!

Looking forward to more adventures in puke! ;)