Friday, December 5, 2008

Ho Ho Ho and Ha Ha *Hide me*

Oh, discreetness.....won't you quickly come to my children?


Last night, the boys, Grandma MJ and I all headed out to do a little shopping. We were at Target--I took Cameron in my cart, and Grandma MJ took Col and Ethan with her.

We split up for a little while to each get what we needed, and Cameron and I were having a great ol' time together. *Side note: don't you love when you get to spend time with your kids, even if just a few minutes, one-on-one?*

Cameron and I were talking and laughing, and looking around at all the pretty decorations in the store (we were back in the Christmas section), when I noticed that Cameron's attention was suddenly and decisively elsewhere.

His eyes were absolutely locked on something. I followed his gaze right around the corner, where there was an older gentleman with glasses and a short white beard. He was standing next to one of those light-up grapevine reindeer.

I knew it was coming.

I immediately flung the cart around, and began walking walking quickly speed walking running at full force moving away from this man as quickly as I could without looking terribly conspicuous.

At the same time, I was watching Cameron--he was trying his best to move to side-to-side so that he could look around me at the man, and I was doing my best (also swaying side-to-side) to stay in front of him so he couldn't see around me.

We must have looked a bit ridiculous to the throng of people in the Christmas section.

I thought I had succeeded. We were almost out of earshot.

C'mon, c'mon....we can make it.....almost there.....

But that little stinker totally juked me out. He faked right but went left, got around my shoulders, spotted the older man and hollered,


The episode--and my embarrassment level, to boot--was reminiscent of our grocery-shopping-pirate day....

....Lord, help me as I raise these three boys

not to die of embarrassment before it is all over....


Julie said...

Now Dev - I'm sure that wasn't the first time that guy got called Santa.

I'd say if he had the white beard and was standing near reindeer, it's almost like he was ASKING for it! LOL

I'd take my kid thinking someone was Santa (or a pirate) over them saying someone is really fat or something ANY DAY!

Kara said...

I love it! I can so see one of the kiddos here doing that! I am sure he gets it all the time! I am with Julie, I would rather them call a guy Santa than something rude!

Mama Amber said...

Hehe. I would say that was a tiny bit embarrassing! But it could be worse! At least he wasn't rude, just being curious. Plus, I'm sure it wasn't the first time he'd been called Santa, with the white beard and all. AND he was in the Christmas section?!!! Lol.
Don't sweat it. Your boys are adorable. They might embarrass you a little from time to time, but later I'm sure you'll laugh about it and realize how adorable it was :0)

Shelly said...

ha! just think though, if your kids weren't so embaressing you wouldn't have half as much to blog about, it's a blessing in disguise i say =)

Kathy said...

I seriously want to squeeze the pud'en out of that kid! He is so dang adorable!

You have such a beautifully fun family D!

Nancy said...

I thought of you this morning. I went to the grocery store with Zachary, and we found an older man with a long white beard that he had braided! Needless to say, I steered Zachary very quickly around the end of another aisle before he could make some inappropriate comment or question! Gotta love these boys! :)

Princess Gabby and Prince Hunter said...

oh my goodness, that was hilarious. I laughed out loud. I just came across your blog and have enjoyed reading your stories!