Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had such a wonderful Christmas. I think it may have been one of the best ones ever.

Okay, okay. I say that every year. But this Christmas just seemed especially wonderful to me. This year, more than I believe I ever have been, I am just so thankful to God for this season. Thankful for what this season means. Thankful for all the 'things' God has blessed our family with. Christmas day just reflected that for me all around--spending time with my hubby and my boys, my mom, and my extended family; opening gifts that really seemed to have some actual thought behind them; playing games and laughing like crazy; it was just all around a wonderful day.

We woke up to the boys--Colin in particular--whispering (sort-of) in their room: "I think it's Christmas....yeah, it's Christmas!" All three of them came and snuggled in our bed for a few short minutes, and then the gift bug bit and they all wanted to go and see what Mommy and Daddy had put under the tree.

Cameron got his favorite movie--The Fox and the Hound!
(*Yay for library book/video sales!*)
Ethan got Wall-E
(*Yay for $15 off at CVS!*)
Colin got one of his new favorite "big-boy" movies--National Treasure! He is really into watching non-cartoon movies, and this one was a real hit with him when we watched it a couple of months ago. He got both the first and the second one.
(*Yay for Family Video selling their used movies for $7!*)
This is his, "Heeeeeyyyyy....I got the Treasure Movie!!!" look.
Ah, a new tradition--hide one gift that is meant for all three boys at the top of the bookshelf, and keep them guessing as to what it is until all the other presents are opened.
It drove them crazy, but they loved it!

The gift? A four-lane racing speedway!
It was immediately out of the package and put to use.

After the boys opened their gifts, we headed into the kitchen to bake some fresh Christmas cookies for my 89-year-old Grandma. She used to make these cookies for me every Christmas when I was a little girl. Of course, she let me help; and she let me think that I was doing most of the work. They always have been and always will be my very favorite cookies, and now I have the privilege of baking them for her.

And, of course, letting the boys help.
And letting them think they were doing most of the work.

Rolling out the dough

Adding the icing and the sprinkles
A little while later, my mom came over and we all opened gifts together.

Ethan's new ginormous dump truck. His whole entire body can actually fit inside the dump part! You just gotta love Tonka.

Mommy's new Bare Escentuals! (I heart BE)

The boys all generously helped me open my presents. Ethan, in particular, was so much fun to watch. Last year, he was a bit young to be too into all the gift opening, but this year, it was all he cared about! Not the items inside, mind you....just the opening part. This kid simply wanted to rip paper! It was so cute.

A new sweatshirt from my mom

Me and my boys. I love this picture.
Shane and his new duds from my mom

Colin digging literally all the way under the tree for Grandma's present

Grandma liked her gift!
Then it was off to my Aunt's/Grandma's house for more family time.
The boys got a VSmile VMotion and 2 games from Granny--they were so excited!
(Our very first gaming system....oh, boy. Here we go.)
My big boy and my sweet cousin Haley--she's more like a sister to me!

Trouble with a capital T!
All the big boys in one spot, most likely plotting an attack of some nature
Me and my mom

All in all, as I said, it was a wonderful day. I just love, love, love Christmas!


Julie said...

What an awesome day!! Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

Nancy said...

Cute pictures, Devin! I love the dump truck Ethan got. We have one similar that all of the boys have loved and played with. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!

boltefamily said...

Looks like you all had a blast! It also looks like we got many of the same things! Ben got Wall E and we also got the four lane raceway which has been a huge hit!

I also am a HUGE fan of B.E. there is NOTHING like it! That is for sure!

I also wanted to let you know...I tried your Tree spray thing (at least I think it was you who suggested it) and I LOVE that spray! I didn't even miss having a real tree! :-)

Glad you all had a great Christmas!

The Boe's ~ said...

Is it scary that our boys got 2 out of 3 of those movies for Christmas too?
I must say that one with the microphone in your shirt was quite HILARIOUS!!! I can tell it was good times. Was it with the Wii?
B.E. works great--I love mine (when I actually "get out") ha!