Friday, December 26, 2008

I love Mr. Postman

He brought me lots of Christmas cards this year, which I love....but Tuesday, he also brought me this mysterious box....

"Who could this be from?" I thought to myself....and then I saw the return label.

Oh my goodness....a gift from one of my favorite bloggie friends.

What could it be?
Oooh, something in bubble wrap. That means it must be good...
And, when I got it out, this is what I found: 2 very cool tall Starbucks mugs (which have inside meaning between the two of us) and my all time favorite drink--Peppermint Hot Chocolate!--with a note that said:

"Dev--since we may never get to go together in real life....Merry Christmas!"

Thanks a million Julie--what an awesome gift. I love it!

So, when am I treating you to Starbucks in real life?!?


Julie said...

I was SO excited to send you that - you have NO idea!!! I think that was better than getting to GET a gift. I'm thrilled that you liked it.

As for our IRL trip to Starbucks?!?!? Yeah, it might happen in the near-ish future...