Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Toy recommendation

Cameron got this really neat toy for his birthday this year, and I thought I would share in case you might be in need of a cool gift idea for a child.

Oh, and.....this isn't Cameron, by the way. Just another happy little boy whose cool Aunt got him this neat dinosaur playset, too.

You know. Just in case you thought you missed something.

This is a neat little mat that has four zippers, and you unzip to form a flat playmat, and then re-zip to form a neat and tidy storage box to keep your son's 57 dinosaurs all the set pieces inside!

A place for everything, and everything in it's place, I always say. Well....I always say it, but seldom does it ever work around here. I strive towards it anyway.

I digress.

There are tons of sizes, designs (from princess to train to dinosaurs to farms) and prices available. (Our set sells on the website for $25, but if you find an actual store that sells them, they are a bit cheaper.) And, should you need, the set folds up and stores in next to no space--as big as the size of the lid.

As for a parental review, let me just say that this toy is AWESOME! Cameron is slightly over-the-moon about dinosaurs right now, so that particular set was obviously a wonderful choice for him--but I am sure the quality of the pieces and mat in each set is the same. The material wipes clean of whatever junk may get spilled on it (not that my three compulsive spillers we've ever needed that) and the zippers seem very heavy duty. Well.....that is to say they've been yanked hard more than once and are still attached--so they've passed my test, anyway.

The play mat is really tough, too, and the box--which has strong fabric handles, two sections of velcro to keep the lid closed, and a plastic cover for a label (be still my heart) on the outside--has held up through multiple *ahem* crashes. I would highly recommend this toy for any child.

Here is the website where you can order all things Zip-Bin! Let me know what you think!


Julie said...

So, I was wondering if you'd sent Cameron to the tanner or something....LOL

Thanks for the toy review. If I ever need to find a dinosaur playset, I'll know where to go. I'm afraid to check out that site, though, because we happen to have a couple of princess farmers living under our roof and I would hate for them to miss out on a cool toy. Ignorance is bliss.

Nancy said...

That looks so totally fun! I know all of my boys (well, the ones old enough to care) would love that! We are done with Christmas shopping, but there are birthdays coming up....looks like a good Grandma gift! :)


Kathy said...

What a great gift D...thanks for the recommendation

I'd pick the Unicorn one personally...because...well..that's just how I roll...

Blessings girl!

Kirst said...

That looks like fun. I think my boys would love it. I'll have to let the grandparents know about it. I wonder if we have it here in Canada?

Julie said...

Ooohhh, I'll have to check out the link. It sounds like a great item! Did they have this on American Inventor? I think I remember something along the lines of this...

Brittany said...

Julie has these at the Blue Kangaroo. FYI. The car one is cool too. It's a backpack, shaped like a car that unfolds to a place to move the cars around on and the cars themselves. Super cute.