Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun--Children's Museum

I only have a couple of pics from our adventure to the Navy Pier Children's Museum
(my camera battery died--boo)
but they were cute and I wanted to post them!

By the way....the word adventure was not a stretch, as we "lost" Colin
two different times.

First time ever that I was really, really scared that he might be really, really gone....
Not a good feeling.

But we "found" him again (twice)
and all was well.

On to the pictures!

Cameron sharing his love of all things dinosaur with Uncle Alan

Do you hear what I hear, E?

Fire safety--that is the cutest fireman/firedog I've ever seen!

Colin--the only one of our boys old enough to climb this massive rope tunnel

it was huge, and he loved every minute of it (I swear this child is part monkey)

Ethan checking out the ambulance with Uncle Roger and Luke

Next up....opening up some early Christmas presents!


Anonymous said...

Hey...I'm tryin to get a picture of Ethan to draw. I like the pics from June in your Exhaustion, Take Two post. Do you think you could send me your favorite pic? The file is too little for me to pull off the internet, so maybe if you email it to me from your computer that would work :) Thanks!!!

See you tonite!

Anonymous said...

I just fell into your site... I love it... Can I please post a link on my blog roll? Your family is fabulous and your love for your husband and family inspires me. Mary Vigil

Julie said...

We recently "lost" Puckey for a few minutes in a big department store...I was FREAKING OUT.

Glad your "scare" turned out to be as temporary as our was.

Way to go to Colin for climbing the big rope tunnel thing!