Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving fun--Navy Pier

There was tons of fun to be had Thanksgiving day:
(Eating/games/eating/talking/munching/napping/eating/eating....I could go on but I won't)

and on Friday:
but (boohoo) not too many pictures from those days, so I will share our
adventures from Saturday!

We took a family trek downtown to Navy Pier, and w
e went
to the wonderful indoor garden and fountain area.

The boys were fascinated by the fountains

Shane and his brothers, Jason (left) and Roger (middle)
(both much, much older than he is) *giggle*

Daddy with each of his boys

E had to touch the fountain (followed then, of course, by the other two boys)

Awww, I really like these next two for some reason....
....maybe cause the love of my life is in them with me?
My brothers and sisters-in-law and their families:
Roger, Aimee, and Luke and Olivia
Karie, Jason, Callen and Reese

And our family!

As soon as we got inside of Navy Pier, some genius had set up this Thomas the Train ride-on choo choo. Guess who just had to take a ride?

Waiting in line
Col and E rode together..... did Reese and Cameron!

Cami liked the lion

Then, we had some fun at lunch. I snapped a few shots of Cameron being a *gasp* ham..., not my Cameron...

Olivia kept peeking at me over her Daddy's shoulder--I finally caught her in the act

HA! These next pics of E crack me up. Ethan loves, loves, loves french fries. I mean, he would pick them over any other food. The fries we got that day were more like curly fries--

and you could tell he knew that they just weren't quite right...

That boy wanted some regular-ol' fries....and he let us all know about!

He simply did not want to hear me saying that those were the only fries we had, and he could either eat them or not--so, he did what he could to not hear me.

And then, the plugging-the-ear thing became a game.

In, out, in, out....
After lunch, we discovered that the 2-man stroller still fits all 3 of our little men....

....and it was a good thing, 'cause we were gonna need it....

Up next: The Children's Museum!


Nancy said...

Devin, those pictures are awesome! I love the ones of the boys and Shane! Your family picture is really cute, too! I love the workboots, jeans and matching jackets. Looks just like our boys would have for a similar outing!

I have to tell you a funny - I was nursing Caleb while looking at your pictures. When I got to the pictures of Ethan not hearing you, I said something like, "oh, cute!" Caleb stopped nursing, looked up and grinned as if to say, "yes, I know I am!" :)

Have a great weekend!

Laurie said...

You are a smart lady making sure to get yourself into family pictures. I take lots of my kids and husband but when I go to look for a shot of all of us or even with just me, I'm left searching.

Very cute adventures.

The Boe's ~ said...

Too cute! What cute boys! I've tried my 3 in our stroller too, but found it so much heavier to push? =) ha!
Also, every time I see a picture of Shane he has a hat on! Cracks me up! Great family pictures though and looks like you had a great time!! You all look great!

Audrea said...

So great to see Karie and Jason again! Though it makes me miss our old church REALLY bad! Ah, small world, small world...

Kathy said...

Great pictures D!

It looks like you had a great time!

How wonderful for the boys to get to hang out with their cousins. Good times.

You guys are adorable! You are beautiful!