Friday, October 1, 2010

Mirror Image

A certain someone has discovered her mirror!
She will sit and play forever here--just talking and babbling to 'herself'.
Such an adorable sight!

{By the way--Aunt Aimee, your hat finally fits--and boy, are we getting some GREAT use out of it!}


Leanne said...

Devin, that is quite possibly the cutest picture I've seen!!!

Her eyes are just so ice-bright-light blue, it's just so striking!

I looooove that hat!! I'd love to have two of those, in tiny size, for The Babies.

Lucie loves to talk to herself in our TV cabinet's glass doors. She waves and smiles and talks....cute!

Hannah said...

That's a great picture, and I love her hat! Did her Aunt Aimee make it? If so, I would love to make one too (share the pattern, pretty please?:)

A. can often be found kissing the mirror--she's that in love with her reflection!

Its A Corny Life... said...

What an adorable picture! Lilly does the same thing. I've even started just plopping her in front of our mirrored closet doors in the morning when I shower. With Abby, I'd have to put her in the saucer or bouncy or something, but Lilly will sit in the same spot the whole time, just talking and laughing at herself. Come to think of time I should get the video camera out.

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Yay!!!! I just might need to see a GINORMOUS flower on that hat now! nothing cuter!!

Nancy said...

Oh, Devin! Lola is just beautiful! How sweet that she likes to play with her "friend" in the mirror. :)

I love the hat, too! Looks like a great pattern. Do you (or Aimee) happen to know where I can buy the pattern and what size she made? I think Rebekah needs one like it! :) It would give me something to work on while she's in the hospital having surgery.