Thursday, October 14, 2010

A tender moment . . . turned sour

Ethan, watching his reflection in Lola's mirrored closet doors and flapping his arms up and down:
"Mommy, look at me! Look at me...I'm a bird!"

Ahh.  Such a sweet boy....pretending to be an innocent little bird. Isn't that cute.

Me: "Oooh! Look at you birdie! You're flying so high. Where are you going?"

Ethan: "Kaaaaaaa-pssssssssssshhhhhh!"

{Ethan drops to the ground}

Ethan: "I can't tell you where I'm going...someone just shot me and I fell down and now there's guts everywhere."



Amanda Hoyt said...

That is LOL funny!!

Michelle Farley said...

Boys!!! I have two and they are and and STILL say such things. lol Gotta love 'em

Michelle in KCMO