Thursday, October 7, 2010

Changing of the minds

After breakfast this morning, the boys got down from the table to go play. This is what quickly ensued.

Cameron, to Ethan: "Come on, bud! Let's go play horsies."

Ethan: "No....I don't wanna play horsies."

Cameron, exasperated: "But you just said at breakfast that you wanted to play horsies!"

Ethan gets up, leaves the living room, and comes over to me in the kitchen.  Cameron continues to call to Ethan from the living room: "Ethan? Ethan! You said you wanted to play horsies! Ethan! Eeeeethaaaaaan!"

Ethan taps me on the arm. {whispered} "Mommy....can little boys chance they mind?"

Me: "What, buddy? What are you saying? Can little boys do what?"

Ethan: "Chance they minds."

Me: "Change their minds?"

Ethan: "Yep. Change they minds."

Me, suppressing a giggle: "Yes, bud....little boys can change their minds."

Ethan heads back to the living room, picks up a truck, and says to Cameron: "Sorry Cameron. I'm a little boy, and I changed my mind."


Unknown said...

hahaha! really cute and would have loved to have seen cameron's expression after hearing that!

JessicaLynn said...

i love your banner! It is sooo adorable. How did you do it if you dont mind me asking?