Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guess what I see?

After SEVEN weeks and FIVE days....

It's good great to see Ethan's right leg again! 

{Ethan is having an incredible amount of difficulty getting used to his cast being off. He is struggling to stand and walk--almost like he has forgotten how.  We know this is fairly normal, but it is hard to watch! Strangely, he is riding his bike like nothing has ever happened.  He has obvious strength in his leg, so we know that he isn't not walking due to it hurting him; rather, more that he is scared to or that he needs to relearn how.  Our prayer is that he would be able to adjust back to 'normal' as soon as possible--we would certainly appreciate your praying for that along with us!!}


Shelly said...

praise the Lord that it is off!! praying that the readjustment goes smoothly!

Mindy said...

Will be praying but wanted you to know that when my oldest wore a cast from foot to thigh when she was 2, she walked with the cast on.
When it came off - she limped for a while like she still had it on.
But it got less by the day until one day she walking normal again.

I completely understand your worry but know he will "relearn" walking! =)

Michelle Farley said...

Praying!!!!! Also, praising God that he got his cast off!!!!

Michelle in KCMO

Amanda Hoyt said...

praying for sweet E!
I bet it's wonderful for ya'll to see his leg again :)