Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The snot gave it away

A couple of days ago, Ethan got in trouble and was sent to the bathroom. That is where Shane and I do the bulk of the 'discipline' in our house.

Shane was busy, and it took him a while to get to Ethan.
When he did get down there, this is what he found.

Shane wondered, is he faking it?  Trying to get out of his punishment?  

And then, he realized....

Ummmmmm.....NOPE.  Most definitely not faking.


Unknown said...

AAHHH!!!! NO WAY!!! perfect shot!
awww. poor ethan! cast and all and he still gets into trouble???? not sweet, innocent ethan!!!! :)

how long was he in there to fall asleep? poor thing!

Kristy said...

LOL! That is so gross! :) I love little boys!

Julie said...

That is the single most hilarious picture I have seen in weeks. BWAHAHAHAHA!!

Kara said...

Poor did you get that shot without cracking up and waking him up! So cute!

Missing you my friend! MUST TALK SOON!

Leanne said...

I don't know whether to be totally grossed out, or laugh out loud! A curious mixture of responses!!

Poooooor Ethan!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Too funny!
What was he in trouble for?? :)

Anonymous said...

hahahhaa oh my word. Thanks for the laugh out loud!!
Got to ask- surely you did not punish him after this funny sight! haha :) siob