Monday, October 4, 2010

Tree picture: FAIL

Dear Camera:

I hate you when you don't focus and RUIN what may have been my favorite picture ever of my daughter.

That's all for this morning.



Julie said...

:0( It is still a great picture Dev! I don't think anyone would even notice. She is a beauty! (Just like her Mama!)

Unknown said...

so what failed on this exactly? I think it's great!

Faith said...

But at least the part of the tree that her hand is leaning on looks great! :) Crisp is the only word I can think of. (I'm not into photography so I don't know the lingo.)
Perhaps your camera thinks you are a tree hugger or something. :) I'm sure there are some people that would love such a great picture of a tree.

(Overall, a good picture of Lola but I understand what you mean about the focus.)

Mindy said...

I think it is a fantastic picture!!!! (to be honest - I can't tell about the focus.....)

asplashofsunshine said...

Ummmm, when did she get to be so grown up!??!?!? Gorgeous photo! Yikes, if that's a bad photo, I have some real issues in the camera department. :)

Leanne said...

I think this picture is still great, it looks faded and soft and Lola is so so so so so beautiful!!

So, what failed again?? ha.

Kathy said...

Fail?!? I LOVE it. She is so precious!! You cannot take a picture fail with that sweet face!!!! Ugh. Too. Much.

Carolyn said...

Dear daughter-in-law :)
You are beautiful!!! I love your picture!