Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun with paint

The boys absolutely love to help with projects around the house. Goodness knows they've seen lots and lots and lots of them in their day!

One of their favorite things is painting. Sometimes it is really hard to just hand the brush over to a 2/4/6 year old and let them go wild--but last night, we found a project they could do and they. had. a. blast!!

Daddy and the boys, before the paint job

Oh, and, sorry about the "graphic" nature of the following photos. We always have them do home improvement projects in their underwear, remember?

The project of the evening was: painting their own closet! We didn't want them to paint on the walls (due to the nature of the project we are working on) but we gave them absolute free range in the closet. And, this masterpiece--no matter what they did and however it turned out--was staying!

Each boy got a brush, and got to pick their own starting color....
{Poor Ethan. All I can think when I look at the above picture is, "It really rots having hand-me-downs when your older brother is built so differently than you are and has tendencies to stretch out all of the clothing he wears....."}

E, digging "his" orange

After a few minutes of random brushing,
Colin decided to get a bit more creative, and wrote....

....his name! All by himself. I thought that was great, and I told him so!
Cam overheard, and, not to be outdone, followed suit!

He ran out of space and had to go backwards!

They switched brushed several times, so that each boy
worked with all of the different colors.

They were having so much fun!

We made sure to record the date and their ages....

....and actually had to wrap up the project because they said they
were freezing in their undies *grin*.

A final shot in front of their very first life-sized masterpiece!

And, one with Mommy. For good measure.
{And, because Shane was there and I had
the opportunity to actually be in a picture, for once.}

*sigh* I love my boys.

I'm so excited to see how wonderfully their room is coming along, and so thrilled that they got to be a REAL part of it! More pictures soon!


Robin Bair said...

soooooooooooooooo cute. it wouldn't be the same without the undies and grins. ;)

Amanda said...

looks like they had a BLAST! and they did any amazing job!

Julie said...

What a great idea! I don't know if I could let go and let them do that. But I might be willing to give it a try in the playroom closet... maybe! I love the undie idea too, totally stealing that one! I love the colors, what are they? The green looks like the green I'm looking for in our playroom (unless my monitor color is off!) I've been looking for the right green for a while with no luck so far. I really want to do a color block wall (if I can figure out which wall to do), but I have to find the right green before I look for the rest. Oh well. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Megan Ashley said...

That is adorable! What a fun and creative idea, I may need to let my kids do something fun like that in their playroom, another fun way is to load squirt guns with the paint and let them shoot the walls! It really turns out great :) Good job, you are such a fun mama!


Leanne said...

That Cam........***sigh***......

I can't help wanting to like chew on his cheeks or pinch his bootie!!!!

Unders are the perfect work clothes too, I think!

I'm blessed by your thankful and grateful attitude....your heart is full, your life is blessed and what's more, you recognize that and thank the One Who enabled all that!

What a great project and a great memory.


Julie said...

You're probably the most fun mommy EVER.

And E in his stretched out undies....SO FREAKIN' FUNNY! I was fortunate that Jib came AFTER Puckey, or I'd have the same problem. :)

Anonymous said...

SO FUN!! I KNOW they loved it, look at all those smiles. We let our boys paint a little bit, but what a great idea for their closet..I'll have to show Jason this =) They would absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'll also have to do the same "work clothes" attire too, that is too funny. I do have to ask how long (to what age, ha ha) will they be sporting this attire and I'm shocked Shane didn't jump right in there with them like that!!! lol

Can't wait to see the final product, the colors look really cool!!


Carolyn said...

Love the pics and love the idea. Just may have to steal it from you someday in the future!

Make sure you aren't breathing in too many paint fum....sorry - I have received too much advice in my pregnant days - seems to be rubbing off on me!

When is your actual due date by the way?? My birthday is the 28th so it would be pretty special to share the day with your sweet girl. Just in case you wanted to go ahead and plan that right now - ha,ha

Thinking lots of you these days - praying for a super fast and pain free labor :) Can't wait to see pics!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!
Hugs and prayers,