Saturday, January 2, 2010

Have I mentioned before..... I am so lucky to have the hubby I do?

Today, he:

~~let me go shopping, for several hours, all by myself.

~~fed the boys lunch, so that I wouldn't have to when I got home.

~~made sure I did not come home to a messy, torn up house--which can be a feat in itself with our three boys.

~~went during the few daylight hours that he had left to go outside and cut/split wood (rather than relaxing indoors on a freezing Saturday afternoon).

~~insisted on cleaning up from dinner and putting the boys to bed alone, while banishing me to the bathroom to take a nice, long, hot shower all by myself.


I love this man.

He. Is. The. Best.

Thank you, Shane, for all you do for me....not just today, but every day. I love you.


Theresa said...

Good Job Shane! How awesome is he?!? We are so lucky to have the men that we do. When God provides, he really provides! Glad you had a fabulous day Devin.

Amanda Hoyt said...

That is AWESOME!!! You are lucky, Dev!!
Have a great week!

Leanne said...

Your grateful heart brought tears to my eyes, for real!

I think I want to be more grateful for my Mailman in 2010....

Yes, I am married to the Mailman. So, these kids really ARE the Mailman's kids!!!


Mary Ann said...

So sweet...the Lord is good when He provides our husbands - somehow they seem to be just what we need *wink*

Allyson said...

Do you and Shane have any baby names picked out for your daughter yet?