Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I wonder if that lesson really sunk in?

We don't say "butt" in our house.

We say, "bottom".

But this post shall be filled with "butts", so strap in.


Ethan got in trouble the other day.

Colin: "Mom! Ethan said (voice turning to a whisper) 'butt'."

Me: "Shane! Ethan said 'butt'."

Shane: "Come on, Ethan, let's go to the bathroom."

Ethan: instant tears, 'cause he knew exactly what that meant. I'm not gonna spell it out for you, but it's how we deal with direct disobedience in this household.

Several minutes later, Shane emerged from the bathroom with Ethan. Shane was smirking.

Ethan was not smirking. *giggle*

Shane then comes to me, starts laughing a bit, and says,

"I had the hardest time just now. I'm explaining to Ethan why he is in trouble--how we don't say 'butt'; and how he knows that he is not supposed to say 'butt'. We don't say 'butt', we say 'bottom', and all of that. We get all done, and he's crying, and I'm hugging him. Then, he turns to me and says,

"I'm not happy with you, Daddy."

Shane: "So, I said, You're not happy with me buddy? Why not?"

"And," Shane says to me, "he replies to me, 'Because you made my butt hurt."


Leanne said...


Trying to control the spit hitting the laptop screen here....


Nancy said...

Hahahahahahah!!!!! I LOVE it!!! That same conversation could have just as easily come from my boys, so it took no effort on my part to see it happening. Too funny!!!

P.S. I keep checking daily for any breaking news about Peanut! Hoping for your sake it's soon!!

Mindy said...

And "that" is how we handle direct disobedience in our house, too! =)

AND - AND - you gotta come over to my blog tomorrow. I'm hosting a giveaway and it'll be something you might be wanting for your new little one! =)
Come check it out! (Tomorrow that is)
in HIM -

Jen said...

Too funny!

Kara said...

Great!!! Send him over here...

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Dev, that is a riot! At least Ethan got to get one more word in. Because he who gets the last word in wins. And sounds like Shane got thrown for a loop!

BTW, have I ever told you about this great way you can get new babies to sleep through the night? *giggle* Couldn't resist. I shall stifle all my unsolicited advice from this point henceforth. ;)

You are just great!

Carolyn said...


Shelly said...

wow. HA!

aren't you glad you're writing it all done? it'll make for some hilarious memories!

Nic said...

Oh My Word!! That is super stinkin funny!! Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...


Megan Ashley said...


Nice to "meet" you too! I just love your Blog, I always get a good laugh (unless the topic is more serious) I look forward to continue reading on!


Julie said...

I just peed a little....{wiping tears from eyes} TOO FUNNY.

Man, can I ever relate to those kinds of conversations.

Love it.

Robin Bair said...

Priceless! Gosh you're kids are cute.