Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Oh, how I already love 'no school' days!

~Sleeping in till almost 9~

~Hot chocolate~

~Hot breakfasts~

~All of my children home and in PJ's until early afternoon~

~Playing out in the snow and capturing it on camera!~

**For the record, I did not enjoy the 30 minutes or so of bundling up the boys to play in said snow....but their fun made my out-of-breath-ness mostly worth it!**

~Rest time on the couch watching The Grinch that stole Christmas~

~Lots of Wii time~

~Picnic dinner of Tombstones, cause I was not feeling like a chef tonight~

~Hot showers and fleece pj's~

~and little boys who fall asleep quickly~

A little glimpse at our fun.....

All bundled up and somewhere VERY cold to go!

Col couldn't wait to jump out of the door

Fun on the swings

Sheer joy on their faces

Col was a great snow angel teacher....

....and Cam was a great student.

Ethan? Well, Ethan just looked ridiculously cute.
The whole time he was out there.


He loved it, and all he wanted to do was throw himself down in the snow.
Over and over.

King of the 'Mountain'

Col was just having so much fun!

Oooh, a face first dive off of the slides. No tears though!
Because Cameron's tough.
He'll tell you himself.
A not-so-tough-but-tender moment: E took a spill.
Cameron came to the rescue.
The boys moved to the front yard to 'sled' down our deck ramp....and, just so you know for future reference, three boys will fit on one disc.

But they may wreck at the bottom of the hill!

All in all, it was a great day....

.....and I'm thrilled to report that we get to do a snow day all over again tomorrow!!



Robin Bair said...

aww cute. looks like a great time.

rameelin said...

These pictures are great! Braden is sitting with me and when we got to Ethan he kept saying, "Me! Me!" I suppose I can see the confusion, especially with the hat on. So cute!

Mindy said...

Great pictures!!!!!! I so wish that we had that much snow!
We have a "snow day" but we got -- maybe an inch!
boo! Guess that is the problem with living in NC!

Carolyn said...

Jealous heart here. Love the snow and wish my boys had it!! So do they.

Its A Corny Life... said...

Brrrrr is really all I have to say. It was 68 degrees here today and I was cold. Sad, but true...

Looks like the boys had a blast!

Leanne said...

Oh how I wish it would get below 50 degrees here! Rrrrrr...

But I can live vicariously through you and pretend that our winter here isn't gone almost before it started!

Those boys are real heart-stealers, from a Mom of Many Girls! Lol!

Obviously lots of fun was had by all! That a LOT of snow out there!

Julie said...

Reminds me of the other day when the kids and I were outside. Puckey & Jib especially had a great time.