Friday, January 15, 2010

What is it....

....with my children waking up

1. so, so very sad *sniff sniff*


2. with the worst bed head ever?


Shannon said...


Julie said...

Poor E! He looks like the Heat Miser. LOL

Puck and Jib are about 50/50 - some days they wake up very sweet and snuggly (with good hair). Other days, very whiney and with bad hair. I'm thinking maybe the worse the hair, the worse the mood?

Unknown said...

OH MY! just tell him to roll back over for a bit.
And I seriously thought you put gel in his hair and about to fix it for the day. YIKES!

Leanne said...

That hair rivals my Husband's when he wakes up in the morning!

Cranky and bed hair notwithstanding, he's still pretty cute.

Robin Bair said...

aww....luke wakes up a mess every morning now too. :( Not morning guys I guess. Oh so cute tho.

Mindy said...

I love that hair! He looks a little like a Dr. Suess characther! LOVE IT!
AND - steal away -- I look forward to hearing what your boys have to say!

in HIM-

Jenilee said...

oh my girls wake up like that too! crazy hair and bad moods! thankfully not always, but it is a sure sign of not enough sleep around here! :)