Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy days

We're in the process of rearranging around here. Peanut is coming quite soon, and we're doing our dead-level best to be as ready as we can for her when she gets here.

There is stuff everywhere, which has a tendency to drive this nesting, constantly-needing-cleanliness-and-order-pregnant-lady semi-crazy.

But, there is a good reason for it.

I'm working on this, by the way. I'm trying not to be too over the top right now, because I know things are only going to be messy and out of order for a bit; and, in the end, it is all going to be worth it--just like all of Shane's other projects around here.

I'm trying not to drive my husband semi-crazy in this process.

He's trying not to drive me semi-crazy in this process.

{We're both driving each other semi-crazy in this process.}

The office we renovated several months ago is now going to be Peanut's room, so everything in the office had to go somewhere else.

We decided that our toy room (I never posted pictures of the remodel of this room, but several months ago Shane turned part of the empty 'back room' space into a fourth bedroom. It was left empty and designated a 'toy room' for the boys.) was the most logical place for the office/guest bedroom to go, so we moved everything in there. It is now a very nice, cozy space!

With all of the furniture and everything moved, Peanut's room was now empty.

For like, 10 minutes.

The boys' room has been a project that Shane has wanted to tackle for a while. We have been making our way slowly through this house, and, for a while now, the "next project" has been their bedroom. Now seemed to Shane to be the best time. He really wanted to try to get all of the drywall work (which involves incredible amounts of dust) done before Peanut got here.

So, we moved everything out of the boys' room, so that Shane could rip out all the old paneling/ceiling/trim/door/closet stuff and replace it with new drywall, closet doors, trim and a new door. At this point, Shane has the drywall hung and two coats of mud on. One more coat to go, then sanding (ugh--worst part of drywall!), then priming/painting, then installing the new bed that Shane is building for Colin and putting all of the furniture and closet items back in.


The boys' old room: very dark, ancient panelling, tile ceilings, narrow closet with no doors on it. You can also see all the yellowed marks of where we once had special treasures taped to the walls.

And where we are now (please don't mind the ladders, drywall jack, or the 'pirates' playing on the 'plank') looking first at the window wall and then at the closet wall:

{A side note: I'm so glad that most of that work involves him, and not me. And that he's so willing to do it! I'm helping as much as I can, but....I'm currently very great with child, and am physically not very capable of a whole lot of construction work. Heck....I'm barely capable of walking from one end of my house to another without getting out of breath.}

{I wish that were a joke.}

This was me, this past Thursday, trying to do my part by helping pick up nails and wood hunks off of the floor, after the demolition.

Yes, I am rocking the over-sized sweatshirt, fleece PJ pants, and no makeup look. It's how I roll when there's a blizzard outside and nowhere to go.

So, anyway....all of the boys' things had to go somewhere while Shane worked in their room.

The only logical place was Peanut's room.

Once Shane is done and everything is moved back into the boys' room, Peanut's room should be a snap. The walls are already a beautiful chocolate brown, so no painting needs to be done (other than painting our current crib white to match the furniture we have coming for her.) Her furniture is in, and is waiting to be picked up. There will be some putting together and installation required there--again, not my area--but that should be none too difficult for Shane.

We've gotten a few decorations for her room, and last week, Shane picked out and brought home the most beautiful light as a surprise to me. (He is loving all things girlie....have I mentioned that? Don't let him try to convince you otherwise.....)

I can't give you any pictures of her room yet--but here is a sneak peak at her light. It's hard, I found, to get a good picture of a light--this was the best I could do. It's white, with a brushed finish to look a bit 'antiquey' and has clear and pink glass beads that hang from it.

We love it.

We're busy--but with good reason.

Won't be long now.....


Ashley Smith said...

love a handy husband! mine is that way too. saves lots of money..maybe not time though :). always projects to do.

hoping all goes well with the end of your pregnancy!

friend of Kara's in OK

Leanne said...

Ooh, how much longer now?

You look cute in your "work clothes".

I can't believe the transformation of the boys's room!!!!

I can't wait to see Peanut's room when it's all put together...assuming you WILL post pics!

Oh how I wish that blizzard would blow this way!

Mindy said...

LOVE the light! Beautiful!

Julie said...

Lemme say WOW! The boys room looks great! The guest room is beautiful, and Peanuts light looks GORG!! I can't wait to see the finished product! ...not much longer now...

Kenzie said...

Wow... ya'll are rock stars in the remodeling department!! Can't wait to see all the pics... but mostly can't wait to see pics of that baby girl on the *outside* :) Love you girl! Stay warm!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Looks like things are coming along great! I bet your boys are getting excited.... for their new room AND new sister!!!

You take it easy and keep us updated!
Kacy =)

Julie said...

Wow, you guys have been busy! The boy's room looks great so far. I have NOT A CLUE what the paint scheme hint was hinting at though...

LOVE Peanut's light fixture. SO pretty and girly!

Kathy said...

SO great! Soooo great. Everything looks so wonderful. Excited girl. Excited!