Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Story time--some listen better than others

After reading an "All about Trains" book before our rest time:

Me: "And which type of engine won the contest?"

Ethan: "The Rocket!"

Me: "Very good, Ethan!  And what did they used to have to use to heat up the engine of the trains?"

Colin: "Wood."

Me: "Yep.  Wood...and what was the problem they had using wood?"

Colin: "It made sparklers that caught the people on fire."

Me: "Sparks...make sparks that caught the people on fire, yes."

Colin: "So, they had to make long chimneys at the top so that wouldn't happen anymore."

Me: "Yes, that's right.  And, when the engine tracks, trains, and people came West, what people did they run off of the land?"

Cameron: "Navy* Americans."

*Also know as Native


Leanne said...


I'm here....still bummin' around sometimes!

Your blog always makes me smile, and even guffaw out loud, which is what I did when I saw Ethan feeding that dolly!! I got a good snort out of that one!

Ah, I envy the beautiful sunshine it looks like you guys are having. It's rain, gray skies, and cool weather here. Summer is right around the corner and I'm glad you guys are getting good weather!

take care and talk soon!