Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Garden} Haul of the day

So much keeping me busy these days....between swimming, gardening, working inside and outside our home, baseball, and my four sweet but very active children, there is barely time to spare to blog!

I thought I'd share a bit of one thing I am passionate about today--FOOD!!

This is a sampling of what we hauled in from our garden today. Soon, I want to show some before (as in, newly planted) and after (as in, current) shots of our garden, but this will have to do for now!

We 'thinned' the carrots today...and had to pull {and discard} so many! 
I had to make a note to myself to thin the carrots earlier next year--being as big and as orange 
(and as yummy-looking) as they were, it was REALLY hard to pull and toss out these babies! *giggle*

Here is a shot of some herbs that are ready to be used. 
The tall plants at the top and right of the photo are basil plants, which I use to 
make/eat/freeze pesto, then clockwise you have cilantro (lots and LOTS of it, because
we love our pico de gallo and salsa!) and Italian parsley.

Broccoli! Almost ready.

This gives you an idea of how BIG a broccoli plant really is!

Cameron (who, by the way, is an amazing garden helper) standing literally in a 'field' of green beans. 
We planted four rows, and they are ready to start being harvested! 
Canning tutorial on beans is coming up soon!

Zucchini coming on! Bread making is right around the corner.

Ethan got to harvest our first garlic of the season! It's not quite as big as it could 
be....we'll let the other 50 or so heads stay in the ground a while longer!

Cameron and Ethan both helped me pick raspberries.
{Our deal is that for every one they pick and put in the 'keep' bowl, they get to eat one!}
We have a humongous patch of them (it gets larger each year) and we haul in a 
bowl like this about every three days from now until September or so. Incredible.

My little helpers

So thankful for the blessing of being able to grow our own wonderful food, and for my amazing little helpers who aid me in harvesting it!


Kim in NJ said...

Very impressive!

Mary Ann said...

I'm sitting here at my computer reminding myself, "I will not be jealous, I will not be jealous!" What a fabulous garden! I was praying just last night that at our next house (whenever that might be) He would provide a garden spot for me. I'm looking forward to it!

Karie said...

I want to be at your house right now eating those raspberries---they are my FAVORITE. How many bushes do you have to get that many raspberries? Did you get mature bushes or did you wait the few years till they started producing. I want to get some for next year, but my sister said they take awhile to even start producing.