Tuesday, July 5, 2011

25 years ago, a little girl was given a special sweat shirt.  She wore it with pride, and always thought of her Dad and stepmom (who bought it for her) when she put it on.

And, then, when that little girl grew out of it, she put it in a box, hoping someone might wear it and love it again someday, just as much as she used to.

It said,


in New Jersey



Many years later, that little girl who had grown out of her special sweat shirt got her wish: 
four little young 'ens who also love that shirt--and some times, even fight over it.

And we love those folks in New Jersey just as much as ever.

I think that shirt means more to me now than it ever could have back then.


Homegrown Tribe said...

that is so cute! And Lola is getting SO big!


Anonymous said...

Had to comment. Back 25yrs.+ ago I had never seen a sweatshirt like that and I remember always thinking how unique and sweet it was! So glad you still have it after all these yrs. and seeing it on the kids was priceless. Great post, you are the BB. (Best Blogger!)
Ly, Mom