Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So much to say.

So much on my heart.

No time, I feel like, to express it all.

I want to do a post about canning. Why I do it, why I love it.

A post about my Lolee girl turning *gasp* seven months soon.

One with all the pictures of our recent vacation to Missouri.

One about how I am freaking out *all over again* that school is starting on Friday.

One with all the pictures from the last several days, in which

my father

whom I haven't seen in almost four years

and my stepmom and my only sister

have driven over 1,000 miles

from New Jersey

to our little corner of Illinois

to meet Ethan and Lola Claire

and to visit all of us for what seems like the







All of my emotions....

....watching my father interact with my boys....

....with his only granddaughter....

It's almost too much.

It's wonderful.

And horrifying, all at the same time--to think that they will leave tomorrow

and I don't know when I may see them again.

I'm choosing to focus on the good things

like the fact that Colin l-u-v-s school

and that babies and children are supposed to grow

and flourish

and become independent of their Mommy

and that I got to have a very special, wonderful visit

with people I rarely see

but that I love very much.

It's been a great time. A busy time.

An emotional, exciting, happy time.

I can definitely say that I'm thankful for it.

But I'm afraid I won't be able to say that

I'm not still a bit weepy over it all....

....and that I may be that way

for a few more days to come.


Shelly said...

oh friend. it's so hard to have family far away! i am lucky that mine are only a day's drive away! i still cry every time they come and every time they go!

i am VERY emotional about school starting. 22 days. Amelie is super excited (which I am thankful for and sad about at the same time). who will i be without her around? i miss her already.

our babies are aging before our eyes. it's good and it's hard and it's sad and it's wonderful at the same time. ezra - 9 1/2 months? how can it be? how can my tiny guy be taking steps?! eating *real* food?!

i'll be praying for you! God bless you!

Kathy said...

Oh D, my heart is with you. I've been feeling like time is just slipping away. I've been going mad trying to control time and somehow stop it. God continues to push me into each season, with His hand gently on my back....nudging me forward.

Praying for you friend. Would love to hear all about it all. xoxo

Kara said...

Praying for you friend! Wishing I was there to hug your neck! I love you friend!!!! Thank you for your sweet email. Prayers are all we need now and we feel them so much!

Sandy said...

not much I can say..thanks for sharing..love you Dev!

Mary Ann said...

Don't you just love being an emotional being? Imagine what we would be like if the Lord had made us without the ability to FEEL? No pain, but no happiness. So many of this life's joys can also bring sorrow, but try not to ignore the bittersweet. It has it's own beauty. I'm praying for you today!

Julie said...

Oh Dev - I'm so thrilled that you're getting to spend some time with your dad, stepmom, and sister. That's awesome that they came to visit. I can't imagine how emotional that must be. I'm tearing up and I get to see my parents pretty regularly. Love you girl.