Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy seven months to my girlie!!

Sweet Lola Claire becomes more and more precious to us everyday. Currently, she:

~definitely knows Mommy from everyone else (and lets them know it, too!)

~has 2 bottom teeth

~loves to watch her brothers be goofs....

....and can not do much without them being right by her side.
(very first time eating 'real' food)

~loves to be goofy herself! She laughs all. the. time.

~still keeps her headbands/bows on her head with no issues
~has a face that completely lights up when she smiles--and
she smiles most of her awake time, with the widest open mouth I've ever seen!
~eats real food now. Bananas, smushed and 'pieced' (likes), peaches (likes),
banana/peach combo (likes), peas (we're working on liking this one--can you
blame her after the other deliciousness?), squash (likes)....

....and corn. LIKES.
~still won't take a bottle but nurses like a champ

~has hair that is really starting to grow--we're almost talking
clip-a-bow-in-it length (finally! woot!)
~is sitting alone for extended periods but will still fall backwards without much warning!
~is really starting to babble

~has this hilarious fish face thing that she does all the time right now

~loves her pots and pans from Grandma Nette and
her first dolly from Grandpa Danny and Amy

~is the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on

~has the most amazing looks of wonder and curiosity when she is checking out new things
~puts her left thumb in her mouth and her right hand on her face when she is getting tired,
and always sleeps in the exact same position (turned on her side to her left)
{I snapped this pic after her thumb had already fallen out *grin*}
~loves her bed but does NOT nap in her car seat hardly ever;
if we are out, I have to put her in the sling to get her to sleep
~is still tiny. She wears size two diapers and 3 to 6 month clothes.
She was 12 pounds, 8 ounces at six months--we'll see soon if she's 'moving up' in the rankings!

~can spin a complete circle when you put her on her belly

~can rock a pair of babylegs like no other.
Oh, and while we're at it--she likes to suck on her toes, too. *grin*
There is so much more I could say, and so many more pictures I could post--I could be here all night! Lola is such a blessing from God, and we have thoroughly enjoyed her these last seven months. We are so thankful for her.

We love you Lolee girl!!


Kara said...

She is so stinking cute...and growing way to fast! Can't wait to squeeze those cheeks in person :) If our lives ever slow down!!! Love to you and the fam, dear one!

Karie said...

So sweet. I love her fish face. We didn't get to see that one :(
Love you guys!

Leanne said...

First off, let me say that your family is radiantly gorgeous! Look at those crystal blue eyes!!! Gorgeous, I tell ya!

Maybe Lola does fish face because she's teething and it feels good on her gums? That face is to-die-for!!

And let me tell you.....I have NEVER seen a baby that joyful! I'm serious, and you know I've had babies!! She seems like she's already touched by (wait, showered with, more likely) the joy of the Lord. It blesses me and lifts my heart to see her tiny face so smiley! You know, the Joy of the Lord is a gift and not everyone has it, but maybe it's Lola's gift??

I'm beginning to really love those little socks that look like Mary Janes. I didn't used to like them, but now, well....I think I'm gonna get me some, if we are having a girl.

She's amazing.

But more amazing is that you KNOW she's amazing and you KNOW how blessed you are. I will pray that you never lose that and that your sense of wonder will never go away.

Julie said...


I miss you Dev. Seriously.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Oh my gosh, Lola is the most precious baby ever!
All of these pics are so priceless. You are an amazing mom for being able to capture these images and describe your precious daughter in such (cute) detail! Love it :)
Happy 7 months Lola Claire from the Hoyt Family!!
I especiall like the "shoe socks" and the "Protected by Angels" onesie!!