Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend happenings

Yesterday was a miserable day to be outside.

However, that is right where my entire family was all. day. long.  Yard work and garden duties don't stop because the heat index is 110, you know!

The kids cooled off in the pool quite a bit, but did take some time here and there to help us bring in our haul of the day. Have I mentioned what great helpers they are?

Colin mainly helps out with "Lola duty", meaning he keeps her occupied and safe while we work pulling weeds or harvesting.  Today, though, he got to bring in a basket full of basil!!

I use the basil to make and freeze pesto*.  We love pesto on chicken, pizza, and pasta.  When tomatoes are plentiful in the summer, you can not beat them sliced thickly and topped with pesto, then broiled for about 10 minutes in your oven (or on the grill, in foil packets). Oh my goodness--heaven!

*Note: I use grated Parmesan cheese in mine, not Pecorino/Romano. Either works.

We--well, I say 'we' loosely, because actually Shane did all the bean harvesting this time--picked our first batch of green beans. And we had a ton!  As you can see, that bowl is about as big as Ethan!

This will make at least seven quarts of canned beans, plus some extra for fresh eating.
We'll pick again in about three days, and have another yield about this size.

We also brought in three heads of broccoli,
a giant bunch of cilantro (center),
several onions (they are small yet, but still taste great!)
and some more garlic.

With all that basil, I needed some help--so we had a basil picking party. The question posed to the boys was, "Who can pick the most leaves off of the stems in 10 minutes?" Not sure exactly who won, but it certainly was a fun way to get the job done.

Then I washed all the leaves and laid them out to dry, overnight. That is one huge pile!

Speaking of huge piles....anyone wanna come over for fresh beans in the next day or so? Whew.

My favorite....cilantro.  I use it for everything. 
Last night, it was Lime Cilantro chicken and pico de gallo for supper.

The pico de gallo is one of our summer/garden staples. 
This bowl--larger than my head--was gone in about 20 minutes. No kidding
We all love it--kiddos too--and it's a great way to sneak in some veggies.

Many people have flowers on their counter...I have a basil bouquet! *grin* 

I put the basil in some water to keep it fresh for lunch today. We had some yummy grilled burgers, corn on the cob, the broccoli we got yesterday from the garden, and used that basil for caprese salad!
{Why yes, there is one missing from the bottom of the platter. I just couldn't wait until after the photo....}

Lola chowing on some broccoli and corn

And today, we're out swimming again, with dinner and fireworks with friends coming up tonight. I love holiday weekends--hope yours is as wonderful as ours has been so far!


Shera said...

those basil leaves are huge...and looke amazing! enjoy! : )

Shannon said...

All those veggies look SO GOOD!!! I'm thinking I am seeing a garden next year.