Thursday, August 18, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving

Last Friday night, Shane surprised me on date night.

Well, surprised is putting it mildly....truly--he blew me out of the water.

He took me out to dinner (normal) and then he pulled into the Best Buy parking lot (not normal). He informed me that we were going inside, and that he was buying me a new camera.

Not just any new camera--our point and shoot is not that old, and still works well--but the camera I have been drooling over for several years now--a Canon Rebel.

I nearly died from excitement, and have spent the last several days getting to know some of the basic ins-and-outs--reading about aperture, f-stops, ISO, and shutter speed on Pioneer Woman's photography section. I bought a Canon rebel for dummies book (oh yes I did!) from Amazon, which should be arriving any day now. I can't wait to learn more, but for now, I am having so much fun taking a zillion and a half shots each day. I thought I'd share some of my favorites from yesterday.

Ethan, helping out in the garden

Showing off his 'prize'

Marigold in our garden--natural pesticide {bugs dislike the smell}

My favorite seven- and five-year-old tomato unloaders!

 Out of focus....but something about this shot makes me love it anyway

 Colin, showing me his favorite of the treasured 'special rock' collection

Cameron, so proud of his garden helping abilities

E Ry, looking so sweet I can hardly stand it!

Colin, who is missing more baby teeth every time I turn around

Lola, fresh out of the garden (with dirt still on her nose....)

Photography experts would tell you I have a lot to learn--but I can't wait to!  I am thinking there are going to be a lot of posts like this in the coming weeks.  Thank you, Shane--I truly love my camera!!


Anonymous said...

Very, very special gift, you will love it for years to come. Great photos, too, you are off to a good start.

Kara said...

Love it! So excited for you! You need to impart all your new found wisdom to me :) Great job Shane!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Like always, I love all their smiles, especially Miss LC's :) I think I recognize that shirt she has on!!??!
love you lady!