Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Cameron!!

Last Friday, the 14th, my sweet Cameron turned SIX! Ack--where are the years going?

He started the day with his favorite breakfast--zucchini bread!

All lit up, extra-special style, of course.

After Colin and I sang Happy Birthday, he blew out his candles and made his wish.

Sweet baby! You can tell he hasn't quite woken up;
my bright-eyed boy isn't quite so bright-eyed yet!

Love these two. :)

About an hour after I took Cam to school, Ethan, Lola and I 
returned for snack time with birthday cupcakes!
{Because what 6-year-old doesn't need sugar at 9:30 in the morning?}

Cameron had a birthday crown and was so excited to see us!

I loved the look on his face when Mrs. W. instructed him to climb on his chair, 
so the class could sing him the Happy Birthday song!

He was so cute--but embarrassed!

He looked down the whole time.  For such a funny, outgoing kid--he sure has a shy side!

The cupcakes....

 ....were a raging success! 

Ethan and Lola made themselves right at home in the classroom!

We actually got to stay at the school for a while, and be a part of fire safety day!
The kiddos were attentive and sat very well....

 ...and they learned several things about fire safety, including what to do if a pot caught fire....

....or what to do if you were sleeping in your bedroom and smoke started pouring in from the door!

You guessed it--go OUT the WINDOW!

The little Miss even earned her honorary fire badge.

I just crack up when I look at this picture--with Lola and Ethan, right in the midst of all the 'big kids'--but it makes me so grateful too. My children go to *the* most wonderful school. So warm and welcoming, 
with friendly staff and teachers who want nothing but the best for the children. 
I always leave there feeling so appreciative of all the faculty/staff! 

Later that day, Colin's best friend came over--and brought Cameron a gift! We thought it 
was such a nice gesture, but couldn't imagine the goodness that was inside: a Cutler jersey!! 
Cameron has been dying for one of these, and his face just lit up!!

Of course, Cameron had to put it right on.

This is how he answered when asked, "How do you like it, buddy?"

I think that's means a lot!!

That night, we rounded up the troops and Grandma MJ for a trip to Cameron's 
favorite pizza place--the same exact place we went this time last year
{Oh, my...how the kids have changed in just one short year!}

I have to stop and make a note here about Cameron's balloon bouquet. Grandma Jane volunteered to pick up some "Bears" balloons for Cameron (much like his tractor bouquet from last year!) but the lady at the shop didn't tie them properly. When my mom went to open the door of her car at the restaurant, the Mylar football-shaped balloon that said "BEARS" flew out of the car and into the sky! (Of course, it would have been the $5 balloon, and not the plain ones....)  So, Cameron was left with three plain balloons.  Then, we walked into the restaurant, and a little boy about one year old spotted the balloons. Cameron went over to his bouquet and took one of the balloons out and gave it to the little boy!

Such a sweet gesture--but it left him with a pretty puny-looking bouquet! *giggle*
{He didn't seem to mind!}

Lola snuggling up to Grandma!

Cameron got a card that transformed into an Iron Man Mask--of course that immediately went on.

Colin and Colden

The birthday boy with Daddy....

....and Grandma....

....and Mommy.

Lo giggling at her brothers

Such a happy girl!

As I was decorating Cameron's cake, he asked me: "What are you going to write on there, Mommy?"

I said, "Happy 6th birthday, Cameron!"

He responded: "You already wrote that on my cupcakes. Can you write instead....ummmmm....'My best birthday of ALL'? And then sign it, 'Cameron'. Can you do that?"

Yes. Yes, I can do that.

Making yet another wish!

We came back to the house after dinner and opened presents. 
I wanted to snap a quick picture of Cameron with his present bag before the paper started flying--
if this picture does not capture my boys' nature, I don't know what does!

A new superheroes shirt,

a Bears sweatshirt,

and a Bears coat! Which, he immediately had to model for us, of course.

Of all the pictures I took on Cameron's big day, this series has to be my favorite. All of the boys have been begging for a certain Wii game, and we gave it to Cameron for his birthday. Here is the result as he opened it, and make sure to check all three of the faces in each picture!




Very excited and very loud yelling
{Love Ethan here, looking at Daddy like, "No WAY!!"}

And then, pure elation all the way around!!

I am so blessed to have such great boys in my home....

....and to be celebrating yet another year with this one in particular!

Happy birthday Cameron! We love you so very much.


Unknown said...

UMM, looks like he had a great day.
I LOVE your camera!!!!! I nominate you as picture taker this thanksgiving for some great family photos. ;) I have been telling rog for some time that I want a nice NICE camera but he doesn't think I would do anything with it... ;)(listen) OH and colin looks like he lifts already. see you guys soon!!!!

Mindy said...

Love this! Great brotherly love pics! I can see them doing them same things and having very similar pics made in about 10 years. =)