Monday, December 5, 2011

Eleven on Eleven Eleven Eleven

Shane and I shared a very special anniversary this year. Not the number of years necessarily, but the way it fell.

Eleven years ago, we married--on November 11, 2000.

That meant that we celebrated our eleventh anniversary....on 11/11/11.

We thought that was pretty cool! Okay--I thought that was very cool. I shouted it from the proverbial rooftops for every person who would listen to me!

My mother gave Shane and I the absolute BEST present of all--a whole 24 hours to ourselves! We decided to get away over night in Indianapolis.

We are fortunate to live pretty close to Indy. It is a wonderful city, full of great things to do but not too crowded with scary people with traffic with overpriced everything and it's easy to go there on a whim.  So we Pricelined a hotel and headed off!

Quick picture before we got on the road. Photography lesson to be learned here? 
Improper lighting causes terrible shadows! *giggle* I love the picture anyway.

We arrived at our hotel, which was nicer than we imagined it would be!
Score big points for Priceline!

The view that night was incredible! Love the city lights.

And the bathroom reminded us of an upscale spa retreat!

I told Shane it was not sleepy time yet. We were going out for a night on the town!

 We decided to eat dinner at the famous St. Elmo's Steakhouse. It was wonderful. Right up my alley! Fancy everything (Shane joked with me that the busboys were dressed nicer than him, which was true--they were in tuxedos!)  with gourmet food to boot.  I was as happy as could be!

Shane was really excited when they brought us out some bread...until he took a peek in the basket.

I believe his words were, "What the what?" but he was brave and tried each one anyway!
His words after eating "the black one" (which, incidentally, 
the rest of the world would have referred to as "rye") was.....

"The salt on the outside is delicious."

Got to love that man!

The next day, we awoke to a gorgeous sky and warm fall temperatures.

The hotel breakfast was amazing...even better because it was free!
Compliments of the front desk, in honor of our special anniversary!

We headed out for some adventures. We did some Christmas shopping....

....and of course, another meal before heading back!

We had never eaten at Maggiano's before, but it will definitely not be our last time!
The food was wonderful and so was the atmosphere and service.
I would highly recommend it to anyone!

I love you so much babe! I had such a wonderful anniversary trip--and thank you again, Grandma Jane, for being such a wonderful care taker for the boys and Lola! We could not have had such a wonderful time without you.

Here's to another 11! And another....and another....


Kara said...

You two are just downright GORGEOUS!!!

Leanne said...

Yeah, I agree with Kara!!!!!

Wow, 11 years. Isn't it great, the security and comfortableness that comes with knowing someone so well?? But the other thing is, isn't it strange how time flies by??

Ya'lls part of the country sure is FLAT!! But it sure is pretty too.

Thanks for letting us into your little world!!!

Take care!

Jenny said...

Girl...what a wonderful little get-a-way! Happy Anniversary to you both!!! Blessings on many more to come!

asplashofsunshine said...

OMG, 11 years on 11/11/11 is pretty darn neato! Congratulations! Glad you had a fun little getaway.