Monday, December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving, 2011, part one: The Chicago pizza tradition

Every year, when these three brothers

get together at Thanksgiving,

there is one thing our family is never short on:

Exhibits (above) one, two, three, and (below) four.

It appears as if,


those three brothers 

have passed on

their contagious ability

to bond over Chicago pizza,

to be very, very silly


to laugh 

at just about anything

to their 10 {beautiful} children.


Kara said...

Love the way you narrate your pics:). Your kids are gorgeous!!!

Leanne said...

Ah, Chicago pan pizza...I remember that from my days in IL, many, MANY years ago! YUM!!!

Thanks for sharing your family with us.....that Cameron.....and Lola!!!!!

Take care!

Karie said... it. I could REALLY use some right now.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Love it!!
that looks yummo!