Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas from Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa

For Christmas this year for the boys, Shane's mom and dad graciously pooled the boys' money together and bought them something pretty spectacular: an indoor basketball hoop!

Now, this thing really is pretty great. It's NBA grade (so says my husband) with a real breakaway rim--and it has been tested at 180 pounds! One night, a couple days before Christmas, Shane installed it while the boys were in the shower.

(Lola helped.)

She's learning early how tools work!

This is her 'I know you're pointing that thing at me but I don't feel like giving you a real smile' smile.
Such a silly girl :)

The boys got out of the shower but we couldn't let them into the room, so they knew something was up and immediately began speculating. Somewhere, the picked up on the basketball idea and ran with it. I think they all had that idea when they came in, but we captured the moment anyway:

You can see they went kinda crazy with excitement! *giggle*

The next few moments (and hours, days, weeks, etc.) were filled with shooting and trying out this great new addition to their room. I think the funniest moment of the whole video is when Ethan is shooting with the yet-to-be-blown-up ball!!

Then, everyone began testing to see if the rim would hold....

Crazy girl hung there for a long time!!

A strong little stinker! 

She lasted longer than Colin! 

Col swung back and forth a few times and it still held....

But then....the true test. *giggle*

The boys (all four of them) have played tirelessly on this hoop for weeks now. Thank you Lynette and Roger for such a great gift!


Kara said...

Great...thanks...guess what my kids want now :)

I made Cory watch the videos and his comment was "hey that sounds a lot like our house!"

Btw - you are looking smaller girl, what's your secret :)

Love ya!